• Max (Henry Jr)
  • Dog ID: 17-008
  • Adoption Date:  7/12/2017


August 1st, 2017:

Today marks one week since we brought Henry Jr. (formerly Max) to his new forever home. He joined Sadie, our eight year old Shepherd/lab mix we got from the local shelter Safe Harbor a couple years ago. Despite not understanding why Henry is a bit rambunctious, the two are best buddies. Our neighbors dog Bennie, a two year old Australian Shepherd has become Henry’s playmate. Before he gets to rough with Henry, Sadie intervenes to protect her new little brother. Thanks to GRRoW for granting us Henry and all you do to find homes for retrievers. Special thanks to the Bailey family for providing such a loving foster experience that has resulted in Henry being such a well adjusted happy puppy.