• Yogi

  • Dog ID: 18-011

  • Adoption Date: 4/1/2018


April 8, 2019:

Yogi (Gus), I did rename him, hope that is ok and no one is offended. He is doing great, I feel like I have won the lottery with him! He is such a sweetheart and well behaved dog, everyone he meets they instantly fall in love with him. We have only had a few small instances where he chewed a remote control and shoelaces, no big deal. He gets along great with other dogs, loves little kids and is great at retrieving his frisbee and tennis ball. We worked on walking on a leash, that was a little challenging at first but now he is able to walk without pulling. My mom has a 12 year old Golden Retriever (Eddie) that he just adores, anytime Eddie lays down Yogi loves to cuddle up next to him or at least be touching him. You will see that in some of the pictures. He likes to sleep in his dog bed on the floor but every morning at 6:30am he asks to come into bed with me and we get our cuddle time. The picture with his tongue out was taken at the Vet for his ID card, people there just loved it. His weight as of a couple weeks ago is 75 lbs, the Vet was happy with that weight but did not want him to gain anymore, he really hasn't grown all that much in the past year.

I am very grateful to have him in my life, couldn't ask for a better pup!!

April 20, 2018

Yogi has found his forever home! What a lucky guy. Yogi has a dad, mom and another dog to play with in his family. He also has other goldens in his extended family! Have a happy life Yogi. We will look forward to hearing all about your ventures.

March 15, 2018:

Hello world! My name is Yogi (as in Yogi Bear) because I am the biggest, fluffiest bear of a puppy my foster mom has even seen! I am almost eight months old and I am tipping the scales at 80 pounds (all solid - not fat)! I came from a bad place - a commercial breeding farm. They tried to sell me at an auction and, lucky for me, I was able to get out of there and get into rescue. Foster mom keeps calling me a good boy because I am very smart. I have already learned how to potty outside and I retrieve toys and bring them in the house for her. I need a lot of attention and training though, so whatever family I come to live with needs to have a fence, someone who has trained dogs like me (big and very strong) with positive reinforcement and someone who has a lot of time. Foster mom says that I could be a field trial dog because I have a nose for scents and I am very eager to please and learn. I have to stay in a crate right now when nobody is home because I still don't know what a toy is versus shoes, solid wood kitchen cabinets (yum ;] ),or $20 bills (yup I eat those, too). But, like mom says I am very smart and I will learn fast. I was around some older kids and I LOVED them...little kids might get knocked down by me, so they probably aren't a fit. I love other dogs and I will need another young dog to play with so I can burn off energy. Older dogs will not be a fit for me because I like to play hard! So what do you think? I can't wait to me you. xoxo Yogi