• Yogi
  • Dog ID: 18-011
  • Adoption Date:  4/1/2018


April 20, 2018

Yogi has found his forever home! What a lucky guy. Yogi has a dad, mom and another dog to play with in his family. He also has other goldens in his extended family! Have a happy life Yogi. We will look forward to hearing all about your ventures.

March 15, 2018:

Hello world! My name is Yogi (as in Yogi Bear) because I am the biggest, fluffiest bear of a puppy my foster mom has even seen! I am almost eight months old and I am tipping the scales at 80 pounds (all solid - not fat)! I came from a bad place - a commercial breeding farm. They tried to sell me at an auction and, lucky for me, I was able to get out of there and get into rescue. Foster mom keeps calling me a good boy because I am very smart. I have already learned how to potty outside and I retrieve toys and bring them in the house for her. I need a lot of attention and training though, so whatever family I come to live with needs to have a fence, someone who has trained dogs like me (big and very strong) with positive reinforcement and someone who has a lot of time. Foster mom says that I could be a field trial dog because I have a nose for scents and I am very eager to please and learn. I have to stay in a crate right now when nobody is home because I still don't know what a toy is versus shoes, solid wood kitchen cabinets (yum ;] ),or $20 bills (yup I eat those, too). But, like mom says I am very smart and I will learn fast. I was around some older kids and I LOVED them...little kids might get knocked down by me, so they probably aren't a fit. I love other dogs and I will need another young dog to play with so I can burn off energy. Older dogs will not be a fit for me because I like to play hard! So what do you think? I can't wait to me you. xoxo Yogi