• Willow
  • Dog ID: 17-034
  • Adoption Date:  10/3/2017


November 5, 2017

Willow was adopted today by her foster family. She has blossomed while in GRRoW's care and is gaining confidence every day.

October 9, 2017

Willow continues to warm to clients coming into the home, is very friendly with children and seems to believe that everyone wants to be her best friend. Often she tries to engage others in a game of catch or keep away. She did extremely well at the groomer's last week and of course enjoyed the praise she has continued to receive. Considering all the dog hair that was removed with the grooming, it still keeps coming and she has become quite used to my portable vacuum that seems to be used many times throughout the day. She loves the car and loves to go for walks. Some of our walks are in the early morning hours when its still dark out so she is less distracted by critters that she can see by daylight. She enjoys the leisurely walks the most when there is ample time to really smell the neighborhood. Her reactivity to squirrels and rabbits has decreased somewhat. She is still not crazy about other dogs while on leash. We continue working with a behaviorist who is very encouraging as long as we keep practicing what she has taught us. Milo, the dog down the street, is cooperating with us fully to ensure that we will have a great barking experience when we walk by.

Willow, or Wills as I call her, loves it when there is overnight company in the house and she can sleep upstairs near them. Although many have asked if they can feed her at the table, she is not being given that privilege, which makes dining much more enjoyable. She is a very loving golden!

September 1, 2017

Willow has really settled in here. She is very good with kids and other dogs when she is off leash. She enjoys her three walks each day and is improving with her leash reactivity issues. The most challenging are other dogs that are also leashed, or when they bark at her first. She has great strength when she pulls and you want to make sure that you are grounded while holding onto the leash. Her eating and sleeping habits are good and she has never been tempted to beg for food while others are eating. She enjoys her swimming pool and any games that include catching a tennis ball or any type of "tug of war". We continue to work on her "greeting skills" when someone is at the door. Her excitement to greet people can be a bit overwhelming and teaching her other options is on the "current work list". I've noticed that she is quick to learn new things and really likes to "please". The dog hair keeps coming.

August 16, 2017:

Willow has now been in foster care for two weeks. She has adapted well to the routine of the foster home. She knows her commands and continues a nice balance of play and rest. She is now able to be left for up to two hours with no restrictions in the house, can be trusted, and is not destructive in any way. She enjoys meeting new people but does not pester. She is a very beautiful dog and is admired by those who meet her. Hopefully that won't affect her ego too much. One would think that having "poodle" in the mix would decrease the amount of dog hair that is deposited throughout the house. That is not the case. We are now working with a behaviorist to eliminate "leash reactivity". Willow is a smart dog and did extremely well after one session. Much daily practice ahead but great progress in just one day. A neighborhood dog has volunteered to assist with the training by agreeing to bark everytime we walk past. We are also working with Willow on her anxiety when there is a thunder storm. Vet prescribed medication works well for her to get through these episodes.

August 7, 2017:

Willow is a confirmed 4 year old golden doodle. Her dad was a black miniature poodle. She had her vet visit and is up to date on all of her shots and is a healthy and medium to high energy gal that knows when to settle down.

Almost one week since Willow arrived. She has adapted well to her foster home. She eats well, sleeps well, and is a very contented dog unless there is a storm brewing and she seems to be more accurate than the weatherman. She fears storms and hides in what she perceives to be a safe spot. She is currently being medicated for that fear, which does help somewhat. She also has great fear of gunshots/fireworks. Her focus at those sounds is pure escape. She is not able to eat or follow commands yet when this occurs.

She is good when guests come to the home. She barks when there is a knock or the doorbell sounds. She likes to be acknowledged but doesn't pester. Her favorite toys are of the "tug of war" variety or playing with balls. She is really quite good with catching balls that have been tossed in the air and enjoys the praise when she is successful.

Leashes attached to her collar are not as successful as the body harness variety. She walks well and at a good pace......that is unless a rabbit or squirrel decide to cross her path. She is a strong girl and can really pull when she perceives that she is being held back. When leashed, she barks at other dogs we share the road with. We are working on that. Very easy dog to have around. Nice balance between wanting to play and rest.