• Wally

  • Dog ID: 18-032R

  • Adoption Date: 8/27/2018


November 26, 2018:

Wally has been wonderful! He’s been an amazing dog and had no trouble adjusting. He’s been great with our one year old and been a huge help to my husband. My husband fractured his foot and has been off of work for awhile and Wally has been his “therapy” dog getting him out of the house and throwing ball with him. He’s also been a great running partner for me and made me more active. He’s a blessing and we feel so lucky to have him in our lives.

August 27, 2018:

Wally has found his forever home!

August 18, 2018:

Wally continues to be a great dog with a big personality! He loves his hikes, walks and runs, and absolutely loves swimming in the lake near our house. Wally is very obsessed with toys and balls...we've learned that you have to put them away and only bring out his toys when you are ready to play, play, play! He will go lay down with his toys if you ask, but he is so anxious about not playing, he will rip them apart. When playtime is over and his toys are put away in his toy chest, he is such a love bug. His new favorite way to get love: bound up in bed with you in the morning and do body slams against your back until you are awake and petting him. He gives you a big sloppy kiss and flips over for belly rubs. It's quite hilarious...if you like a big fuzzy slobbery alarm clock. We try to lay still and play possum so he doesn't see we are awake and stays in his bed on the floor, but you can only do that for so long. Ha! Wally will do so well in an active home who loves his antics as much as we do! He continues to be great in the car, great in the house, and great with people and kids. He is great with my male Aussie, plays and wrestles appropriately, shares toys, but we have to watch and monitor him closely with my female Aussie mix. She is grumbly around him, and they definitely have a love-hate relationship. Again, dog parks may not be the best thing with him since he takes offense to alpha personalities.

July 27th, 2018:

Ever see the animated movie, UP? Remember the Golden who talked, named Doug? That's pretty much Wally!! He is a loyal, sweet, curious and ball-obsessed boy who is about the most well-behaved foster I have ever had! Wally knows sit, stay, lay down, wanna go?, shake, go nite nite and more. He constantly has his eye on you for cues, and will give you his sweet Golden "pet me please" face to lure you in to snuggle and pet sessions. He does that sweet "Golden lean" thing we all love and lays at your feet when it's time to chill or let you work. And, you can be sure that you will have a shadow as you clean house or move about. (Hint: don't count on having bathroom time alone with this boy around, ha!) If you have a coffee table with things you want knocked to the floor, his constantly wagging tail will help you out.

Wally is "high energy" - but in a fun way if you are an active person/family looking for an adventure buddy. For his size (about 85 lbs.) he is surprisingly agile and can corner and jump like a pro while chasing his ball and flipping his favorite stuffed toys about. He needs a person with a tireless arm who doesn't mind slobbery balls being dropped in their lap. He would love to continue with his swims and long hikes, but needs a person who doesn't mind the cleanup job that such a big fuzzy boy will need after his outdoor adventures. (They have yet to come up with a self-cleaning Golden breed.) He is also quite a 'shedder', so Wally isn't for the neat freak who doesn't get a good laugh out of hair tumbleweeds rolling across their floor.

Wally is excellent with kids, but loves to chase cats. Not sure what he would do if he caught our cat, who is wily enough to stay a step ahead of him. (Might not be so pretty since he likes yellow fuzzy things so much.) We live on a farm, so he has been exposed to cats, calves, cows, bulls, howling coyotes, squirrels, chipmunks...and he does really well being cool with it all. He investigates but comes back immediately when called. He is not a runner and has full access indoors and out with no issue. He is house trained, and will whine at the door to go out. He has never chewed, does not need or like a crate, and likes to just lay on the floor by your bed at night.

He has just learned to socialize with other dogs, and is not a great candidate as a dog buddy for an alpha dog. He may also not do so great at a dog park with alpha dogs about who may take offense to his approach. (He is so about playing, he just rushes in talking smack, wagging and being very pushy and in another dog's face.) He is also "leash reactive" - meaning, he gets very animated and lunges on his leash at other dogs, frustrated he can't get to them. That said, it would be good for him to have a play buddy who doesn't take his "play growling" and enthusiasm for any fun game the wrong way, and can indulge him in the wrestling matches and keep-away games he so loves.

He and my Aussie, Jack, get along swell and have been so good for each other. (Jack is a young, high-energy herding dog, with some anxiety -- a buddy like Wally has been great for him!) When I have to work, they entertain each other and get their wiggles out. We play fetch with two balls, and it is great fun watching them compete. Wally usually finds a way to get both balls in his mouth and tease Jack with them dangling just out of his reach. He also has an older Golden foster sister, and a "bossy princess" Aussie mix foster sister who he just kind of leaves alone since they aren't really "into him." Wally has been an only dog the last few years of his life, but did have a German Shepherd friend when he was younger. So, I think he could do well as an only dog, or with a dog buddy if the right personality mix.

Wally will make a GREAT dog for someone who can give him the time and energy he deserves. Thank you for reading about Wally and your interest in adopting a wonderful Golden from our organization!

July 22, 2018:

Wally is new in foster care. More information will follow.