• Tucker
  • Dog ID: 15-016
  • Adoption Date: June 9, 2015
  • Gender: Male


May 11, 2015 Update:

Tucker has settled in and is doing great. He was quite mouthy and had a lot of energy that was pent up inside, but with a fellow golden in the house to play with and release that energy, he is a lot better. They get along great! We have a cat in the house that he is curious about, but he has good manners and just sniffs him and leaves him alone. With 2 kids in the house as well, at the end of the day he is all tuckered out! At his recent vet visit, we got him up to date on his shots and treated him for intestinal parasites. His next vet visit will be for his neuter. He's a great golden and will be ready to look for his forever home soon! 

April 25, 2015 Update:

Tucker is a very excitable, not neutered, healthy, mouthy 6 month old puppy and with time, neutering, and more training for his mouthy behavior, will be a really good dog.  More to come soon!