• Trixie
  • Dog ID: 17-042
  • Adoption Date:  12/26/2017


January 23rd 2018:

Cora (formerly Trixie) was adopted on Dec. 26 and settled into our home immediately. She has taken to our senior golden and likewise for him. Cora loves being outside and chasing tennis balls. She also loves snuggling with her humans as well as her dog brother. Cora is sweet, gentle and wonderful with our four-year-old son. We love watching her flourish and know she has so much more explore and learn. Our hearts are bursting with love for this gorgeous girl, and we are extremely grateful to GRRoW for coordinating a perfect match!

December 31, 2017

Trixie has found her forever home!! Please watch for updates from her new family in the near future.

December 7, 2017

Trixie continues to make great strides in her new foster home. It was determined that some of her struggles with house training were related to separation anxiety. She has since been started on Prozac and is doing much better. Her Vet thinks this will be a short term need as she has had so many recent transitions in her life. Once she is settled in to her forever home it is likely that she can be weened from this. She truly is a sweetheart and will make a great addition to her new family. More to follow .........

December 1, 2017

Hello everyone...Trixie here. I know it has been a long time since my last update, so I thought I'd go ahead and write my own! Did you know I have special skills? Yep - I am an avid TV watcher. Especially when there are dogs on TV. My foster mom says it's very funny to watch me watching the movement on the screen. I also LOVE tennis balls, so if you have a lot of tennis balls and a good arm, I will be your girl forever.

I've moved to a new foster home where there are two boy goldens who I can learn from. They are great because they are teaching me how to play with them and how to go outside to play and potty in the fenced yard. I watch them intently when they play together and I think I am learning their games. I have even tried to play with them a few times. They are perfect for me because they let me be the boss. Girls are like that, you know.

I am still working on my potty training, but I am improving! Since I don't like crates my foster mom babygates me in the laundry room area when she is not home and let's me go outside with the boys a lot to play so I can learn what to do from them when she is home. She lets me get on the furniture and her bed to sleep, too. I love that because I want to be as close to her as possible!

So, I guess my "must haves" in my home are a secure fenced yard so I can play and continue to work on my house training, some other dogs who will let me be the boss and who will continue to teach me what it's like to live the golden life. I will also need a secure area of your house (not a crate) where I can chill out when you are not at home. How about it? XOXO Trixie.

October 24, 2017:

Trixie is doing well adapting to indoor living. She started out picking up every shoe in the house and carrying them around. Now she seems to have learned which items are hers and which are not. She has a little bit of a toy hoarding problem and she doesn't like to share her toys with our dog. She has absolutely no issues with the humans in the house taking her toys or food, but she gets a little testy when our dog tries it. We are working on that. Trixie is an absolute love bug with people. Being petted is her favorite thing in the world; even better than food. She's not very food motivated which has made house training more difficult. However, she prefers to go potty outside anyway, so we really haven't had many accidents and the ones we have had probably could've been avoided by us being more attentive. She checked out great at the vet, just needs to lose some weight, and she's scheduled to be spayed this week. She's great with our older kids and cats. She's great on leash and doesn't pull hardly at all. (Only if a squirrel or other wildlife is nearby, and then she's easily corrected) She's fine with our dog as long as he leaves her toys and food alone. They take walks together with no problems whatsoever, but she really isn't interested in engaging in play with him at all. She would probably do best in a home with no other dogs or ones who are older, mellow, and don't care to play. She also really doesn't like being in her crate during the day at all. I'd like her to go to a home that won't need to confine her much. She loves being with her people but isn't overly pushy either. She truly is a great dog and will make someone an excellent companion for many years.