• Tracy (Kate)
  • Dog ID: 17-043
  • Adoption Date:  11/8/2017


December 31, 2017:

Kate continues to do wonderfully in our home. (She's doing the "golden bump the elbow" as I type this update). We just returned home from a family vacation in Florida. Kate had such a fun time and did so great on the beach, in the restaurants, and with all of the dog friendly activities. Of course Santa came to our house and Kate's golden sisters showed her how it's done. Her biggest decision right now is which toy to play with next. Kate's confidence is blossoming every day. Her coat is soft with that golden sheen, her teeth are clean and white, and her eyes are so bright. We love you so much, Katherine Grace!

November 8, 2017:

We could not be more thrilled to welcome Tracy (now Kate) into our home! Kate is a retired breeding dog and now will live a full life with her two golden sisters. She has blossomed into a girl full of personality that routinely makes us all laugh out loud. She is kind and gentle and we can't wait to see her continue to flourish. We feel honored and privileged to have the opportunity to be Kate's family. Welcome home, Kate!

October 4, 2017:

Tracy is new to foster care. She is a mild and easy going girl who hasn't had many usual dog experiences in her life. We are working on exploring and learning as just about everything is novel to her. She is settling in nicely and even though cliché, she truly has that golden pleasing personality. She's a bit unsure of our two resident goldens and so we are working on building confidence and trust. She will have some vet care coming up to check on a cut on her left paw and to get ready for her spay. Stay tuned! She's blossoming by the minute!