• Teddy

  • Dog ID: 18-020

  • Adoption Date: 6/10/2019


June 13, 2019:

Teddy has been adopted!! Look for an update and pictures, once he settles into his new forever home.

April 18, 2019:

Teddy is almost 2 weeks out from the surgery to implant a shunt in his head and a drain inside his thigh. Recovery will be slow but there was no other option to control the pressure on his brain, since he was born with hydrocephalus. After the shock of his appearance, the same Teddy emerges: Ted is eating and drinking as before. He is steadier on his feet since the surgery, better able to rise to a sitting or standing position. He is walking a little more cautiously but still willing to wander off into the yard in search of great smells. Teddy starts the day with a buggy ride. Once back on solid ground he might nap before we walk slowly up and down the driveway. Ted has ventured onto the sidewalk by himself and we try to walk a little farther every day. Teddy goes back to the UW Madison Vet Care on Friday 4/18 for suture removal and a follow-up exam.

December 26, 2018:

Now he is more able to keep on a schedule, goes up steps just fine and is A-L-M-O-S-T able to go down steps when I guide him. And he sleeps through the night!

My idea of a good home for him would be one or two adults or perhaps an adult with a middle or high school student. Because he is still so young I would hope he would not be home alone all day. Another young dog or an interactive cat could keep him company. Ted loves to play with my year old hound, my 2 year old cat and my neighbors 10 year old shepherd mix.

It would be GREAT if Ted's new home had a fenced yard....he can entertain himself for an hour just walking the fence line, sniffing the air and rooting around. Ted does not see the squirrels so there is no raucous barking to annoy the neighbors. If I don't call to him first eventually he will wander up the stone steps, the deck steps and circle on the deck until I notice him. Teddy walks well on a leash with his easy walk harness but needs encouragement to cross the street quickly. We generally walk 6-8 blocks every day now.

November 13, 2018:

All dogs should be able to take a walk and visit neighbors, right? Even though he has limited sight, Teddy can differentiate between grass, the sidewalks and driveways. At first I had him walk along between me and the edge of the sidewalk without a leash and he adapted. For weeks we were walking to the end of the block and back home, meeting neighbors and their dogs when we could. As Ted gained confidence, he would venture down a driveway or trot up to a person who was talking to us. Now we are venturing farther afield and walk about a mile each time. Ted has adjusted well to the "easy-walk" harness and a leash. He keeps up nicely, is not frightened by the sound of a car or bus and is learning to respond to "sit" at each corner. Ted also enjoys fierce sounding dog play with my younger dog when they are in the yard and will happily share the sofa with my older golden when it is time for a nap. His most recent success has been climbing the deck steps without assistance!

September 26, 2018:

Almost 30lbs, Teddy is getting taller, longer and stronger! His beautiful coat is darker gold now and wavy. He is so comfortable on our walks that as soon as I open the gate, he trots to the end of the driveway. By the time I catch up with him, Teddy has already turned onto the sidewalk. It seems that our walks have helped with the strength in his legs. He can avoid some obstacles. And because his sight is limited, the squirrels in the neighborhood have nothing to fear from him. With encouragement he bounds up the steps to enter the house but needs more guidance to descend the steps and we will continue to work on that. Ted is content to nap frequently on his Paris blanket or in snug corner of the room. Happily, his grasp of proper dog bathroom habits is really improving as well. He has had no additional seizures and is tolerating the medication well. In fact, Teddy quickly sits for me when it's time for the next dose. In GOOD DOG fashion, he knows that his next meal is in his bowl waiting for him.

September 5, 2018:

He is quite popular in my neighborhood! I have been walking Teddy along the sidewalk several times a day to help with his strength and coordination. He has encountered kids, bikes, other dogs, friends and strangers but does not shy away. A very positive note for local wildlife: With his limited sight Teddy does not see movement in the distance so the squirrels and cats in the neighborhood are safe from him.

He will not attempt to descend steep steps but, if excited, will scamper UP steps with enthusiasm. At 5 months and 28 pounds Teddy still has lots to learn but is not shy or fearful. He appears to be stable on his seizure medications and enjoys playtime, walks and napping with the other dogs. With continued attention and supervision he will continue to be a great companion and one of the sweetest Golden puppies around!

August 3, 2018:

Sweet Teddy continues to do well! No further seizures since he has been on his 3x/day medication! We worked with the Vet School staff to switch him to the liquid version of the drug. With the liquid, it will be easier to calibrate the dose to his weight as he grows!

Now at 18 weeks he is getting taller and longer at 21lbs. He is eating with enthusiasm, usually plopping both paws into the bowl first, scattering the kibble in every direction but leaving the bowl and floor immaculate.

Teddy plays often and sleeps in the sun whenever he gets a chance. We are taking several short walks each day, meeting new friends both human and canine. Even with his limited sight, I am able to steer him just by walking along side and stepping toward him to cue him in a new direction! Ted doesn't shy away from loud noises or unexpected things. As yet, it is hard to judge his ability to regulate his bodily functions. In this weather, we are in and out of the house frequently and Ted takes advantage of that. When I am away from the house or overnight, Teddy is kenneled, wearing a diaper. He has come to expect the bits of bologna in a kong type toy or a safe bone with traces of peanut butter on the edges. My idea of the ideal home for Teddy would be one in which at least one family member is at home with him a good part of the day and enjoys his company! He has had good experiences with dogs young and old as well as cats and humans of all ages.  

July 11, 2018:

Teddy is a growing boy and is slowly adjusting to his medications. Good News: No new seizures at all! Thanks to some interesting research, we now know that the continued development of fluid on the brain typical with hydrocephalous can be controlled by administering an over-the-counter heartburn medication twice daily. Otherwise he has a good dog life...in and outside all day long, frequent dog naps in the shade, no interest in the doggie pool except as a big water bowl and plenty of time for lap sitting. A big plus for Teddy, he clearly lets you know when he is bored with a loud, sharp and urgent puppy bark and/or by ripping up any nearby grass.

June 28, 2018:

Teddy is quite the charmer!!! At 12 weeks, he is happy, always friendly. Ted wiggles and cries with happiness when someone new approaches and will curl up in your arms with little encouragement.

The little guy has some limitations though: He has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus and limited vision. Except for his hesitation at the steps, you may not notice. Perhaps related to the hydrocephalus he had a seizure after our volunteer picked up to bring him in. It was a short seizure and he did not lose consciousness but had two more small seizures since then. Teddy is now on standard seizure medication and is tolerating that very well (fingers crossed).

Next for Teddy is an MRI now that the his Vet Team has ruled out kidney and liver issues. We will know more soon!