• Sunny

  • Dog ID: 18-018

  • Adoption Date: 9/19/2018


September 22, 2018:

Sunny has found his forever home.

July 17, 2018:

Sunny visited the vet this week and received good news! He had recovered from the Lyme's Disease and was ready to start receiving his vaccinations. Since there are so many vaccines to get, he will need to stay in foster care for a few more weeks while he catches up on all the important vaccines. But, he is almost ready for adoption. We will start the search soon.

Sunny is just like his name. He has a sunny disposition, loving to snuggle and receive lots of petting. Although he is a high energy dog, he loves to curl up on the sofa, bed, or dog beds for a snooze. He loves sleeping with his foster family and has nice manners in bed. His coat is thick and his eyes are bright. He has learned how to sit and comes when called. Digging under the fence is a favorite activity. Lots of reinforcing has occurred to prevent this. But, if he gets out, he stays close and returns when called. What a truly wonderful dog.

June 16, 2018:

Sunny is settling in to his new home. For the first few days, he was very anxious. But his true nature is coming out. He is a lover, wanting to snuggle and be petted. He will do well in a home where he can receive lots of attention.

There are 2 resident dogs with which Sunny has been learning to share the house. As the new guy, he has been submissive. The queen bee female has been keeping him in line, letting him know where his boundaries can be. He has taken it all in stride and has now found his place. He is now one of the pack.

Sunny went to the vet for a check up and was found to have Lyme's disease. He is being treated for it with antibiotics and vitamins. Fortunately, he has no other health problems. Also, his vaccine record could not be found and he will need to receive all the needed vaccines, as if he were a puppy. So, Sunny will need to stay in foster care for a period of time until he has recovered and caught up on vaccines. One problem with having Lyme's disease is that he will always test positive for Lyme's now

June 10, 2018:

Sunny is a beautiful golden with a thick coat that is light colored. He is a timid guy, taking several days to feel comfortable enough to join the household activity. He initially laid in the doorway, watching the family of dogs, people and cat. His true nature has not yet come out, but what we have seen so far has been a lovable dog that is eager to please. He loves to snuggle and be petted. He will make a wonderful pet, but will need a patient family that is willing to put in the time to allow him to acclimate to his new surroundings. Sunny was a breeder dog that passed on a genetic trait that made him ineligible to continue in that role. He was neutered and sold to a family that lived on a farm. He was surrendered to GRRoW after deciding he liked to chase cars. He does very well walking on a leash and would do well in a household with a fence and daily walks on a leash. Watch for more updates as we learn more about Sunny's true nature.