• Sophie
  • Dog ID: 17-054
  • Adoption Date:  6/3/2018


June 3, 2018

Sophie has recovered from her two surgeries and is enjoying life with her forever family.

April 26, 2018:

Since Sophie had her left eye removed due to a benign tumor, she is adjusting well and doing better than foster mom and dad!! Dogs are so resilient; they just go with the flow. The cone has taken an adjustment period but she is learning to maneuver around doorways and furniture. If she does get stuck she just whips her head and comes lose from whatever it is she was stuck to. The eye is looking and healing well. She appears to be feeling better as she is perkier and has more pep in her step. Sophie tries to play with her toys, but the cone creates a huge challenge. Even though she has the cone on and its time to go potty she figured out how to find the perfect spot. She is a smart girl. She puts her head down, and drags the cones rim along the ground scraping the snow. I hope this cone survives another 8 days.
Sophie thanks everyone for your continued support.

February 4th, 2018:

Sophie is a very fun, playful sweet girl. She is well behaved and gives lots of kisses and follows me everywhere. She has settled in well and I believe loves being here. She has a benign tumor behind her eye and we are working with a specialist to determine the best strategy to treating it, but most likely she will be having surgery in the coming weeks.

January 10, 2018:

We took Sophie to the vet, and there aren’t any major health problems. She has a calcium mark on her left eye, but the vet thinks she can see around it. Even if not, her other eye is good . . . she enjoys watching rabbits in the neighbor's yard at night and alerts to other movement. Because of the bitter cold, we haven’t taken her on walks, but she got in some good fetch time in the house and likes going up and down the stairs to explore the basement. Now that it’s a little warmer (by Wisconsin standards) she'll be out and about. Though it's only been two weeks with Sophie, it still seems her ideal home (or walking / exercise environment) would be one without dogs. She absolutely loves and is crazy about people (mega-snuggler) so would be an awesome couch companion if invited up. At floor level, she’s always ready to roll on her side for a belly rub or sit facing or away from you, hinting at the best place to scratch at that particular moment. Sophie did very well with the bath she received, loved the towel off, and ran about the living room afterward. She loves toys, and made herself a pillow of them after too much fun.

January 2, 2018:

Though Sophie has only been with us for a few days, she is settling in nicely and picking up on our routines...as well as introducing us to a few of hers! She’s eating just fine and slept most of the first full day she was with us.

Such a sweetheart . . . very loving and quick to give kisses. She would be a wonderful dog for someone looking for a four-legged friend to hang out with around the house or maybe go on adventures as she loves riding in the car.

Though she was quick to befriend our Beastie and a stuffed reindeer, she is still warming up to her three foster sisters. We are slowly introducing her, since it’s our understanding she hasn’t had a lot of interactions with other dogs. We don’t know her experience with cats.