• Smoke

  • Dog ID: 18-031

  • Adoption Date: 10/25/2018


April 30, 2019:

Smoke has been such a wonderful addition to our little rescue farm, and we love, love, love to spoil her! She is in good company with two Aussie mixes, and a cat named Chuck Norris. (All rescues of course.) She is really great with the younger Aussie, who is a special needs rescue, and he really looks up to his big, patient sister.

Smoke has a ramp up to our bed, so she can be her loving, spooning self all night long. She also loves convertible rides....as you can see from the picture. We were picking up mums for the neighbors in this photo, she loved helping me 'deliver' them by greeting everyone with a lean and a tail wag. Smoke gets home-made organic food (with a special mix for her kidneys and joints) which has really helped with her health issues. She has slimmed down to her ideal weight and gets up and down on her own now, and frequently uses the doggy door, no more accidents in the house, yay! She also has a new pep in her step as we explore the woods. She never used to sniff and explore much...she was just too focused on keeping up.

While we once thought her kidney 'disease' was going to make her senior years a bit rough, she has really proved to be the comeback kid. With my mom moving in recently (she has Parkinson's), she has been a sweet therapy dog for her and is so gentle with Mom when she needs some doggy companionship when things get tough for her. I am SO SO thankful that I kept this foster girl and made her part of our special little family!! She has a good life of love and snuggles...and is the light of our rescue home for sure!

October 30, 2018:

Smoke has lost almost 15 lbs and her kidney function has also improved! Very few accidents in the house now and her mobility has greatly improved, too. A natural diet and exercise (and lots of rubs and pets and love, of course) has done wonders for this sweet little girl.

We have grown far too attached to let her go and are thrilled to add her to our little rescue gaggle. She loves her Aussie brother and sis, and even the cat who loves to snuggle into her belly floof. We look forward to our adventures with Smokey Dokey, she is always so happy to go along for the ride, be it kayak, doggy bicycle trailer, 4 wheeler, convertible...and hopefully a sidecar soon as we are shopping for that addition to bring her along on our motorcycle adventures, too. As long as she is by her human, she is happy!

October 26, 2018:
Smoke has found her forever home.

September 24, 2018:
Smoke's mouth lump was not a cancerous concern, the vet said. Just a growth that does not appear to be aggressive. If I have her teeth cleaned later, I may have it taken off...but it's not worth the risk of putting her under to do it, and it would likely just grow back.

She has lost 10 lbs and is far more active and peppy. Her potty accidents are far less. We're very active and she gets to go outside frequently...oh, and she can get up better now, too! (Which incents her to get up and go out the doggy door when I am gone.) While she will always have kidney disease, I think getting weight off, exercising and having a better diet, lower cholesterol, lower BP is definitely helping her kidneys function better.

September 12, 2018:

Smoke continues to improve steadily with her mobility and weight loss, so good that she is able to keep up on our trail walks and climbs stairs like a champ, now! She is having far fewer accidents in the house, and only when I am gone at work or need to run an errand without her. (She uses the dog door to go out to the fenced yard just fine when I am here with her, but not always when I am gone.) She is such a velcro dog, I think her over-active kidneys combined with missing her human make her want to just stay inside. But these accidents are only about once a week, vs every day of the week before when I had to leave her. Great progress! I'm not sure if the medicine is also helping her kidneys function better, but she is going far less frequently throughout the day, too. I take her with me everywhere I possibly can so she isn't alone too much.

I did discover she has a growth in the top of her mouth while we were playing ball this week, right behind her front teeth. I will get a vet's opinion as soon as I can get her an appointment.

August 9, 2018:

Smoke is a very sweet and laid back girl. Smoke has fit in so well here and so quickly and can go outside anytime she wants. She has already learned the doggy ramp to our big fenced yard...and our other dogs are being so gentle and kind to her. Smoke appears to be more interested in humans than dogs and loves spending time near her humans, playing with toys and holding her tennis balls in her mouth so the other dogs can not have them! During her first night with us, Smoke followed me around all night, wagging her tail all the while. Then she snuggled with me for a glorious golden snuggle. She is my little shadow, and we go everywhere together. She lays at my feet when I work from home and is never far from my hand for a pet and hug. She loves being brushed and groomed, too. Smoke has been drinking a lot of water and having accidents in the house, so we took her to the vet twice already for several tests. The tests are back and are indicating that Smoke has kidney damage from a past infection, plus high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. The great news, though, is that with some medication to help her kidneys function a little better, a low-protein high-quality diet, and exercise, Smoke could live out a fairly healthy and active life. With about 15-20 pounds to lose (both me AND Smoke!), we are enjoying walking the trails on our property regularly and having lots of play time with her foster siblings. Smoke makes it so easy to fall in love with her! We are lucky to foster such a sweet gal and look forward to helping her get better!