• Dog ID: 15-009

  • Adoption Date: June 6, 2015

  • Gender: Female


December 26, 2018:

My wife and I adopted Shadow in May 2015. I have attached some recent pics to show how she is doing today. She is now 9 1/2 yrs old and in great health. She LOVES to be outdoors and likes to spend hours on the back porch watching wildlife in the yard. She is very loving and thrives on attention. She loves to go on long walks and enjoys chasing squirrels while on her leash. She also considers herself to be a lap dog ( a heavy one!). We feel very privileged to have her in our family and are grateful to GRROW for the opportunity to adopt her.

May 4, 2015 Update:

Shadow is looking for a special family that will understand some of her needs.    Shadow is a wonderful dog with endless energy.  She would make a great running partner or hiking partner.   She isn't the best at fetch but loves to carry a ball around.   She would do best with a fenced in yard since she has a very high prey drive.   She will stalk birds and squirrels and has actually caught her share of birds.  She loves to cuddle and get lots of attention like any other golden.   Her health is excellent without the "typical" golden  issues such as allergies or ear infections.   
Shadow would do best either without or with one dog savvy cat.   She will chase our cat periodically and other times they are both on the bed sleeping.   Shadow also does have some resource guarding when it comes to other dogs.   As humans we are able to take anything away from her no problem.   It takes her awhile to adjust to new dogs either coming into a home or integrating into a home.   It takes about one month and if it is the right match (submissive is best) everything seems to go well.   Her original integration with our dog had some scuffles but now they get along great. She does well meeting big dogs on our walk but likes to bark and pull to see the little ones.   A harness works great.    Also, due to the resource guarding, older children would be best.   She has met  six and ten year old without issue.   She is not sure about babies. 
Overall Shadow is a delightful dog in the right circumstances.   She is your typical loving golden who wants to be with her people.   She loves car rides, walks, and running around the farm fields.   She sleeps with her legs stretched out when she is on her back.     

March 30, 2015 Update:

Shadow has had a couple of interesting weeks.   She was a bit under the weather....wouldn't eat and had some loose stools.   So off to the vet.   She also  had a fever.   She is on metronidazole for a bug in her intestine.   Her blood work showed high white cell counts.   We also ran a urine test and that came back normal.   Let me tell you about how stubborn she is about giving up that sample.   We tried for days.   If we followed her around she would not pee and would go back into the house.   So I took her to the vet.   They could not get her to pee either.   It had been over 15 hours since she had last gone too.   So they had to use a needle to get a sample.   Needless to say she is back to her normal energetic self.  She and Huey  have become best buds so it must just take awhile and the right dog for her to be totally at ease.   She doesn't guard her food as much either.   She is somewhat of a grazer but will eat faster if she has another dog thinking about taking her food.   She has enjoyed chasing all the birds and a couple of sand hill cranes.   Last night she took Huey for a walk to the back field.   Yep, she is the instigator.   They were gone for a short time so I got my boots on.   She was digging a hole.    She does like to dig in the fields but does not dig in the yard.   I decided that we would continue to walk.   Well....I had to go see the ducks in the pond.   Big mistake.   She decided to go swimming.   That would have been fine but the first time in she got herself out.   While I was getting Huey out she decided it was time for another swim.   Talk about having fun.   She was breaking off big chunks of ice and swimming around with them.   Time to get out and she can't figure out how to get out.   Yep.....they are suppose to be smart dogs.   She must have had a lapse in reason.   So I had to get her.   I was mad, wet and cold but she was as happy as can be.  She is the happiest dog whether it is walking in town, going for runs in the fields or just snuggling at home.   I am trying to find a home that can accommodate her needs but no luck yet.   

March 5, 2015 Update:

Shadow is doing very well.   She was surrendered due to having issues with their four cats.   Here I have one cat inside and they seem to do very well.   She will chase the cat periodically but for the most part they ignore each other.   She is doing much better with my dog too.    She will give him a low growl every now and then but he is submissive enough that he just walks away.  We had a visit from another GRRoW member and she brought her two dogs.   Shadow did well with both.   We did come to the conclusion that Shadow will need to either be with an extremely laid back dog or an alpha.   If there is a dog that is similar to her personality then there could be a bit of trouble because they would be vying for position.    I am going to start taking her to town (we live in the country) to work on walking on leash and meeting other dogs.   She will need a home willing to continue to socialize her, get her out on walks and work with her on leash behavior.   She also needs an active home that will give her a lot of exercise.   A running partner would be fabulous.  She loves to run off leash and can go well over one hour.  

February 21, 2015 Update:

Shadow has been doing pretty well.   We went to the vet and she is a perfectly healthy five year old.   She is also at a good weight, 53 lbs.    Her previous home described her as a five year old puppy and I would have to agree with that.   She needs to get out and experience life, be exposed to different situations and learn how to interact with other dogs.   She also is very energetic and needs exercise.   We take her on one hour walks in the woods and fields behind the house.   That girl can run like the wind.   She is so excited when we tell her she is going for a walk.  She has found mice in the grasses and will kill them as she does with birds under the bird feeder.   She is very fast.  The good thing is that she doesn't eat them!  She loves to look for the outside cat and will run around the out buildings trying to figure out where it is.   She can be a barker if she is outside and hears or sees something.   We have a fenced in yard and I would recommend that her new home has one.   She did have invisible fencing at her previous home.   She does pull on leash and benefits from either a halti-lead or harness.  She would be great for a runner.
As for the interactions with others:    no cats.   She will leave mine alone when it is stationary but chases the minute it moves.   The other morning I found both of them on the couch sleeping.   I would definitely say kids over 10 years old.   She does not have experience with children.   The dog to dog interactions are sporadic.   She will be totally fine with the dogs in the house most of the time.   If she wants something (usually a toy) that dog has she will go after the dog.   I had to be quite assertive with her a couple times to get her to stop.   She also will occasionally snarl if she is in an area and doesn't want another dog near her which to me is normal.   It pretty much revolves around toys.  For some reason her dog dish is not usually an issue but I keep the others away from her when she eats.    Her previous home also said that she barked at other dogs when on walks.  So basically either a really submissive dog or to be an only dog.

February 8, 2015 Update:

Shadow is quite the alpha female.   She has had limited socialization with other dogs so needless to say,  we have had some arguments that are usually started by her.  She has what I call "toddler" property rules:   what's mine is mine, what's yours is mine and whatever you look at is mine.   So we are working on that.   She has actually gotten a lot better over the week as she figures out who is boss.  I think she will need to be an only dog or just with one other submissive dog.   She does have the hunting and prey instinct.   She will chase the cat in the house and when the outdoor one is lurking around she will bark and run along the fence.  She also will track animals and look for squirrels.  She definitely cannot be with children under 10 years of age.   She barked at my infant nephew and did not seem to care for him much.  
She knows the commands for sit and down.   Her recall is not very solid at all.  She will definitely need a fenced in area to run around in.   She likes her crate and will go in it on her own.   She is a bit protective of it and will snarl if another dog goes near it.   I am thinking she has taken to sleeping on the couch at night.   We will find her there in the morning.  When we tell her off she will get off.   She also tried to get on the bed and was told off.   She has energy and needs to have daily exercise and that includes off leash running.   She does not play fetch but likes her toys.  
Overall she is a sweet girl that will need someone to socialize and continue to work on her training.   Loves attention and lays in Tim's lap on the floor.