• Shace

  • Dog ID: 18-048

  • Adoption Date: 5/2/2019


May 7, 2019:

Shace has really come out of her shell and has become quite social. We take walks almost every night and she is a lovely walker. She is getting exposed to lots of new things - loud sounds still scare her and I did find out she is frightened in thunderstorms. She loves to go in the car and has her own backseat with pillows and blankets. She has been going on playdates with other GRROW dogs to expose her to more new experiences. She has been a wonderful addition to the family.

January 3, 2019:

We had a few rough days over the Christmas holiday. Shace had an upset stomach and had to head to the vet for an overnight stay. She is feeling much better now and is eating like a horse. She is still very skittish, however she is approaching me for pets. She has now figured out going in and out of the house without being frightened of the doorways. She loves to be on a leash for a walk and is a great car rider. Shace gets in and out of the car very easy. She sits calmly in the backseat and just loves to be with her human. She loves to be with other dogs and being outside. She has started to pick up toys and carry them around. She will sneak them into her kennel but we remove so she does not destroy. Shace recovered from her spayed surgery and is now officially retired as a breeder dog. We will continue to work on her confidence with humans. She still has her kennel as a safe space but she has also claimed the dog bed in the den. She will lay down and relax while we watch tv. She has a very sweet personality and the people at the vet’s office all just love her.

November 29, 2018:

Shace is adjusting to life as a normal dog. She is still skittish but is spending more time out of her kennel and sleeping on the dog bed in the den. She loves to be outside and just runs and plays with her two foster sisters. She is a picky eater so working on trying to find something which she will enjoy. We have tried to get her to play with toys but she is just not interested. We will let her take things at her own pace. She is very interested in watching the television and listening to sounds on the phone. She has her vet appointment on Friday so she will be up to date on her shots and health records. She is a total love bug and is fully house-trained. She is a little nervous when she has to come in from outside so am trying to give her treats to entice her to re-enter the house. She is a beautiful almost yellow color. Her coat/fur is in tough shape and hopefully with good dog food and lots of rest we will have her up to speed soon. She loves sleeping by the Christmas tree. She will also need to be spayed in the upcoming weeks.

November 25, 2018

Shace came into foster care on Nov. 17th. She is a retired breeding dog. More information to come.