• Sansa (Merry)

  • Dog ID: 17-052T

  • Adoption Date: 2/15/2018


January 2nd, 2019:

Happy Holidays from Sansa. She is continuing to be an amazing companion. Everyone instantly falls in love with her. Adults, kids and pets! My parents have a puppy that loves her but I don't think the feeling is mutual. Little ones with energy are exhausting and hog the attention. Lol

March 5th, 2018:

Sansa is doing great in her new home. I am so happy to have her. She made her self at home very quickly. She loves food and her tennis balls. We are working on the jumping still but she is catching on. Just a few jumps with the initial excitement of the mighty tennis ball! Sansa loves people and will love on everyone she meets. She is a very good companion and cuddler. Very blessed we found each other.