• Sammy (Hannah)

  • Dog ID: 18-010

  • Adoption Date: 4/28/2019

  • Gender: Female


April 28, 2019:

Sammy has found her forever home. She is now called Hannah.

March 14, 2019:

Sammy will be spayed in a few weeks. She will then be ready for her forever home.

December 6, 2018:

Sammy just celebrated her 1st birthday! She is filling in and gets prettier by the day! Her fur is coming in and getting wavy. She looks more like an adult Golden every day. Sammy has really bonded with her Grrow sisters Haley and Lexi and has really formed a trusting and loving relationship with us as well. She is curious and funny. She is full of energy and loves to play with her sisters. They play constantly. She is very affectionate and loves to snuggle. Her breathing issues persist but they don’t really seem to bother her. We are so grateful to have her in our lives…More to follow.

November 6, 2018:

Things are going great with Sammy. We are working to teach her boundaries as she thinks everything is hers! Lol! She has really bonded with her sister and rules the roost! Her breathing issues don’t bother or keep her down! She has become quite the smuggler too! She loves toys and loves to play tug o war! We just adore her!

August 31, 2018:

Sammy has easily settled in to her new foster home. She quickly bonded with her foster sisters and they love to play. Sammy is a happy, go lucky pup. Sammy’s breathing issues persist but she doesn’t let it keep her down. Sammy is a very smart and curious pup. She is good at entertaining herself and loves her ball. Sammy is a happy, happy girl.

June 18, 2018:

Sammy's training continues. She is almost house trained and she is crate trained. She gets along with two other goldens age 7 and 14 years. Sammy is a ball of energy. She is ball obsessive and loves to retrieve balls. She now understands that you need to drop the ball in order to have it thrown again. She is typical puppy getting into stuff so you have to watch her closely. She walks lovely on a leash. She does come when called and sits perfectly. She sleeps through the night without any problems. We don't know if she is a runner as she is in a fenced in yard. She has the puppy zoomies every day. She is a very smart dog and is learning quickly. Sammy is almost old enough to be spayed so we will check her out from top to bottom when we go to the vet.

May 11, 2018:

Sweet Sammy is getting to be a big pup and her personality is really coming out. She loves to meet everyone so we are working on not jumping on people. She is getting to be snugly and gives kisses. She has decided that petting is fun too, although she does not stay still for long before it is time to play again.

Unfortunately, she is still congested and can't breath thru her nose very well. This week we are going to the UW Veterinary clinic. They will examine her and may need to use a scope to see what is going on in her nose.

March 12, 2018:

Sweet Sammy came to stay with us just over a week ago. She came up from the south so she had a long journey. She explored my house, played with some toys and final fell asleep around 9pm. That night she slept through the night next to my bed. I thought I did a good job of puppy proofing but she got into things that I did not expect. After several days of moving plants and arranging gates I think we have a good setup.

She started to wrestle and now plays tuggy with my 8 year old Golden. She loves the toys that are scattered around the house. Her favorite is the little Kong. It is bouncy and highly entertaining.

I have 2 tabby cats who have lived with a number of Goldens. Gilly is tough and told her to back off in his special kitty way. Josie my little orange cat is sweet and timid and is always cautious with new dogs. She has spent much of the last week at the top of the basement steps so can escape quickly. She has been venturing out more but sometimes runs, which is like a play invite to Sweet Sammy.

We are working on potty training. She loves going outside and got to see her first snow. Of course she kept trying to eat the snow.

She is very outgoing, friendly. and curious. She has met several neighbors and everyone at the vet loved her and gave her treats. She has an upper respiratory infection that we are treating with antibiotics. I was very happy she did so well on the car ride alone in the back seat.