• Sahara
  • Dog ID: 15-046


May 25th, 2016:

Sahara has found her forever home with golden sisters to play with. Her allergies are now being maintained. It took a while to find the right things to do, but she is now a happy healthy five year old girl. She loves playing with her tennis ball. She gently returns it to the thrower so you can keep doing it again and again. She loves to swim - she has gone in a pool and swims like a champ. She will cry and run in circles when you come home for the day. She is very happy and is very much loved by her new family. Welcome home Sahara.

February 12th, 2016:

Sahara has changed her dog food to one with very limited ingredients to address her allergy issues. This worked for about a week and then she presented with different symptoms again. She has lost weight due to the much improved dog food she is eating. She has been to the vet for multiple visits to include rashes, ears and infections to name a few. It seems we get one things cleared up for a while and then she has an allergic reaction to something. We are working on trying to stabilize her symptoms.

January 13th, 2016:

Sahara continues to battle with allergies and symptoms. The change in food has helped but last week something triggered her allergy and she started to chew on her feet. She does love the cold weather and snow. She will run and play in the yard and not be bothered by the weather. She does love to play with other dogs and will always assume the play position to get them to engage with her. She has playdates with another GRROW volunteer's dog. She loves to eat and will demolish stuffed toys in minutes. We have not found anything yet that will stand up to her chewing. She loves car rides and will follow her foster mom everywhere in the house. She especially likes tennis balls and takes them in the car with her. She is the only dog I have ever had that will actually return a tennis ball and let you throw it for her!

December 11th, 2015:

We are still working on Sahara's allergies. We have changed her dog food to duck and potato and we think we are seeing some improvement. We are working with the vet to determine the cause of her allergies, versus just treating symptoms. She is experiencing some relief with her nasal congestion and coughing.

Sahara is a beautiful block head blonde golden with huge feet. She will need some work on her walking when on a leash. She tends to pull but once you get going she slows down. She also does this squeak sound when she is really happy. This occurs when she is happy to see you. Sahara loves stuffed toys. She carries them around and is very proud of them. She will also tend to collect them and claim them as her own (she has two foster golden sisters). Took her to another GRROW volunteer house and she was very well mannered. She does not jump on people and totally loves to cuddle. She loves rides in the car.

November 23rd 2015:

Sahara had her vet appointment on Monday. She is currently being treated for multiple health issues. She has severe ear infections in both ears with hematomas. The major issue is allergy related with swollen feet and itching and sneezing. Sahara also has a skin infection. She had her first bath today and did really well. She loved the warm water and now she is one big fluffball. Even with all the health related issues, she has a wonderful personality. She gets along well with other dogs, she has two foster sister Goldens and loves to play. She found an old tennis ball which she won't let go. She will retrieve it and drop it at your feet. She loves to ride in the car and will just sleep when waiting for you when you go shopping. She sleeps through the night on her own bed. We will be returning to the vet in a month to see how her allergies and skin conditions are doing. We hope with the change in food, antibiotics and allergy medicine we will get her health under control.

November 14th 2015:

Sahara just came in to foster care and will see the vet regarding her allergies on Nov. 16...More to come on this sweet girl soon!