• Adoption Fee: $125
  • Dog ID: 15-010
  • Adoption Date: March 5, 2015
  • Gender: Male


February 21, 2015 Update:

Rusty is finally comfortable with being an inside dog.   He sleeps on the dog beds in the room at night.  He still loves to be outside and will frequently lay out in the sun.   For being almost 10 years he has plenty of energy and can keep up with my eight year old and Shadow who is five years old.   We go on one hour walks almost daily.  He does like certain balls around the house and will play with them occasionally.   He does not seem to care for the soft toys.   He totally gets along with male and female dogs and cats.   He and Shadow will play while on our walks but it is sporadic and not a daily thing.  He does have some rather strange habits.   He likes to rub his back end on our legs when we are sitting on the couch.  We are discouraging this behavior because he can get rather worked up.   There are other times where he will get wound up and then he tends to want to chew on things.....paper, pot holder.   His first week he started to de-stuff the dog bed but has been better about that.   There are times where he just wants a lot of love and I say it is like he cannot get close enough to you.
We did have our check up and he is very healthy with the exception of needing to lose about 15 pounds.   His blood work also came back in the normal range.   He was nervous at the vet and just wanted to be next to someone.   He loved the vet and vet tech.   I have found that he can be a bit particular about the food he eats.   He likes the Duck and Potato but did not like the food made with beef.   He ate Purina before he came in to GRRoW.  

February 8, 2015 Update:

Rusty has had quite the week learning how to be an inside dog.   It did not start very well as he was afraid of the wood and tile floors.   I bought a bunch of runners and rugs and by mid-week we were able to put them away.   He spent a great deal of time on the enclosed porch.   We slowly let him get used to the house and by Saturday he was sleeping in our bedroom on a dog bed.  He does pretty well with the other dogs and the indoor cat.   He did get into a couple of tiffs with another dog but now there are no incidences.   He has found a couple of balls he likes to play with.   He just will bounce them on the floor and pick them up and repeat.    He does not fetch at all and has no interest in playing with soft toys.  
House training has been going pretty well.   He had several accidents from the start but now he seems to get that he needs to go outside to go to the bathroom.   He will go if you tell him "go potty".   One thing he prefers is that we go outside with him and we have to walk down the stairs with him.   If we turn to go back in the house he will follow through the dog door.   He does know what dog doors are and used them right away.   As of today he will go outside through the door to go to the bathroom or to see what Huey is barking at. 
He knows sit and come for commands.   He has a very reliable recall command.   He loves to run in the yard and go on long walks in the fields and woods.   He pretty much sticks around his humans.   Loves attention and has started to paw for it which we are discouraging.   Overall he will be a wonderful house dog.