• Dog ID: 14-048


October 14, 2014 Update:

He has lost some weight....down to 87 lbs. So far that is about 5 lbs. He is doing fairly well. His allergies have gotten a bit worse with all the running in the fields and crops being taken off the fields. I had switched to a venison food too and am currently switching him back to duck or fish. He definitely will need a grain free diet and one with duck or fish. He did great on duck and potato dog food. He was so itchy that he is currently on a round of prednisone to get it to calm down. We started to get the itching under control and he decided he loved the vet so much he wanted to go back. Now he has an infection on his back paw so he is on an antibiotic. He is not a good patient and can reach his foot with the cone collar so we are going to try some other collars. Cooper seems to think he needs to help with licking the foot too. He is doing well with everything else. Still a lover and much calmer than Cooper. He gets very excited when I get home and will grab at my hand to pet him. He likes to carry things around too especially when I get home.