• Roca

  • Dog ID: 15-045


February 20, 2019:

Rocky and his companion Bella are doing extremely well. Hard to believe Rocky will turn seven in April. He is the most loved dog everywhere we go. He is like a therapy dog for the people who meet him, usually staying immediately by there side. He and Bella are the best of friends, a match made in heaven. My wife refers to him as sweet Rocky. We are so appreciative of your efforts, and those of GRRoW. He took the sister of one of our walkers (the sister was purportedly allergic and afraid of dogs) and at the end of the day she was embracing him. Cannot thank all of you enough.

December 30th, 2015:

Roca has found his forever home with new sister, Bella, who is also three years old. Everything is going very well.

November 23rd 2015:

Roca has had quite the week. He went to the vet and weighs 65 lbs. He was very timid at the vet. He was being a "mommas" boy as they said. He rides o.k. in the car. He stays in the back seat but pants. We have been on several walks and he walks well. Did some pulling when he got spooked (we were in the dark/country road). We did walk 3 miles no problem. He would make a great exercise partner. He definitely has a obsession with the cats. He also has a prey drive and has gotten ahold of two of our chickens. So add chickens to the no no list. He is an absolute lover and calm as can be in the house. He loves to be petted. His previous home has done obedience training with him with the eventual goal of him being a therapy dog. He would make a great therapy dog. Besides the chicken incident the only issue is that he will run off so the new home would have to make sure he did not get out the door. 

November 16th 2015:

Roca has been here for one day and so far has done pretty well. He acclimated wonderfully and hasn't missed a beat. He does chase cats and chickens. He honors the fence. We went for a walk this morning and he did very well. We met another dog/person along the way and he really didn't react much at all. In the house he is very calm. He has done some playing with a toy and we wrestled with him this morning. He is somewhat of a barker when he sees or hears something.