• Dog ID: 14-052


From adoptive home: The perfect fit. That's the best way I can describe Rex. From the moment he arrived, he's been a perfect addition to our household. It's no wonder we've become foster failures...Rex is here to stay forever. He loves riding in the car with me on our commutes to work, curling up for a nap in the backseat until we arrive. He's a gentle boy at the office, accepting love and scratches from my office mates before settling down under my desk. He loves daily walks around the neighborhood, sniffing all the wonderful smells and meeting all the friendly people. He adores TV "couch-time" with my 9 year old and running full out to fetch tennis balls with my 6 year old. He wiggled his way into my husband's heart and even the resident cats are warming up to him. We have been so impressed with GRRoW and the professionalism and support they provide to foster families. We never thought we'd adopt our first foster dog, but when it was a perfect fit, we couldn't say no. Rex celebrates his 6th birthday this month with a clean bill of health and a happy new home. But we are the ones who feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful Golden addition to our family. Thank you GRRoW!