• Oscar
  • Dog ID: 16-034
  • Adoption Date:  1/19/2016


February 8, 2017:

Hi Everyone, Oscar here! I waited a really long time to find my forever home. My foster mom told me to be patient and the right one was out there. Boy was she right! My new home comes with a golden sister and we love to play! Mom says we get a little too rowdy sometimes so occasionally we get a time out, but we play really well together. Now that I'm starting to feel more at home, we even snuggle together a little bit. My favorite toy is always the one my sister has so Mom is teaching me how to share. I'm really smart so I'm learning really quickly. I'm also taking my duty of being "Man of the house" very seriously. I have a very impressive "big dog bark" and keep a watchful eye out for my mom and sister. I have a lot of allergies so my mom makes me special treats. Frozen Kongs stuffed with mashed sweet potatoes, bananas and peanut butter are my favorite oh and dehydrated banana chips too! I require daily meds and bi-weekly injections, Mom is working really close with my new vet to see if there are alternative treatments out there to help reduce my dependency on medications. My Mom volunteers for GRRoW. She took me to my 1st Community Days event and I had so much fun getting lots of pets and attention. I hope to help raise awareness for GRRoW so other dogs like me can become Happy Dogs too! Thank you GRRoW for helping to figure out my allergies and finding my perfect forever family!

September 16, 2017

Hi, my name is Oscar. I'm a 2 year old Golden retriever. I love people and kids and dogs and my favorite thing is to run fast and chase tennis balls. People think I'm pretty talented because I can carry two balls in my mouth at once. I don't tell them sometimes I've fit 3! I love my foster family very much, but I really want a forever home. My foster mom says to be patient and the perfect family is out there somewhere, but I'm terrible at being patient. I'm two. Did I mention that? I'm finally feeling happy after months and months of feeling icky. From the time I was a puppy, I got foods with chicken, pumpkin and corn, but those all made my tummy hurt and made me itchy. I guess I'm allergic to those. GRRoW helped figure that out. But now that I have special lamb and sweet potato food and stick to my diet, I feel like myself again. I also get a quick shot every couple weeks so the Staph on my skin doesn't make me itch. My foster mom says I'm a really good boy-I stand still for my shot, take my daily Apoquel dipped in peanut butter (yum!) and I love to play. She says my perfect forever home will want to keep me feeling good by continuing my special food, medicine and allergy shots. I love the two kids that live with me because they can throw my tennis balls really far! And they have comfy beds. All the neighborhood kids are lots of fun too. But my foster mom says my forever home should have kids that are old enough not to drop or feed me foods that make me sick. Or maybe no kids would be ok as long as someone will play with me. Did I mention no swimming either? That makes my skin super itchy. But tennis balls...those are great! And walks and running and playing. I'm ready to join my forever family... wherever you are. I promise to make you laugh, make you smile, make you proud, and make you feel unconditional love. I'm always hearing "Good Boy" so I must be doing things right. Do you need a Good Boy in your family? Could you be my forever mom or dad?

August 17, 2017:

Oscar is looking for his forever home. He loves meeting other dogs and ignores cats. He loves going on walks and playing with balls.
He does have allergies which the foster home has been actively working with a vet on treatments that would help control these.
Oscar is a sweetheart and is looking for that special family that would help him with his medical needs.

July 7th, 2017:

Oscar has made great progress with his allergy management. At his last vet appointment, he “graduated” to a long term maintenance program. Oscar will need to continue to adhere to a strict diet that avoids all his trigger foods. He’ll likely need Apoquel pills and every other week staph lysate shots (given at home) to manage his other allergies. He successfully completed his 16-week twice weekly staph lysate injections to build up his tolerance to the naturally occurring staph on his skin. Oscar will never be a ‘water dog’ as he needs to be completely dried as soon as possible after he has a bath or gets wet. But he doesn’t mind. Running after tennis balls is more his style. He has always been a happy dog, but he’s even happier now that his allergies are under control and he’s comfortable. He is a fast runner and often jumps and catches a tennis ball while it’s still in the air. He’s an easy-going guy who is finally ready to find his forever home.

April 25th, 2017:

We finally got some answers about Oscar's itchiness. He has numerous food allergies as well as an allergy to the staph bacteria that naturally occurs on skin. We switched Oscar to a new lamb-based food that has no pumpkin or any of the long list of other ingredients that are problematic. He also started twice weekly shots of staph lysate as an immunotherapy. We saw major improvements fairly quickly. The immunotherapy is a 16 week treatment and we'll know if it's been effective in mid June. We were so excited that there was no more scratching, skin irritations and infections. We thought we had a good management strategy.

Unfortunately a few weeks into April, Oscar started itching again. It wasn't as bad as before, but he was still unhappy. The vet ruled out a thyroid problem. He's back sporting his t-shirt to keep him from reopening the couple scabs he has. We hope we don't have to add seasonal outdoor allergies to this poor pup's list of challenges, but time will tell.

Through it all, Oscar's sweet and lovable personality shines through. He is such a well-behaved 2 year old. Running after tennis balls is still his favorite activity, followed a close second by wrestling with the resident older Golden in the house. He loves to be underfoot, keeping us company wherever we are and soaking up the praise and love he deserves. Our kids have given him the nickname Caulk as he loves to hop up on the bed and squeeze into any slightly available crevice to snuggle in.

Feb 7th, 2017:

Oscar is such a sweetie. Fetching tennis balls in the snow is even more fun! You can pounce on them and they disappear into the snow. He's in good spirits despite his continued itchiness. We've been trying all kinds of things to try to figure out his allergies and make him more comfortable. Nothing has been a great long term solution so far, so we just went to a holistic vet to get a second opinion and more ideas. We are waiting for results of some allergy testing and treating his new staph infection with antibiotics. Wearing a t-shirt seems to help stop the itching so Oscar has been sporting Packer shirts and old baseball uniforms. He's handsome no matter what.

December 22nd, 2016:

Oscar arrived on Dec 19th and has been settling into his new foster home. He's a playful and well-mannered 1.5 year old. He loves playing fetch, running in the backyard and exploring. He had a fun trip through the woods, especially after about 15 minutes when he suddenly realized he was surrounded by sticks. So many sticks! He gets along with the resident Golden, cats and kids. He had a skin infection when he arrived that's been treated with antibiotics and now we are trying to get his allergies/itchiness under control. He is gaining confidence every day and is a sweet, sweet boy.