• Oliver

  • Dog ID: 18-022

  • Adoption Date: 7/30/2018


August 5, 2018:

Oliver is coming out of his shell, and learning to be a puppy. He loves going for morning runs and hikes on nature trails. We’ll find him lounging on his bed or on the couch with his two feline brothers, and he’ll sit on the patio watching butterflies, birds or airplanes going by. He races around the house squeaking his new toys, and has made some new dog friends that he gets so excited to play with.
He’s a happy guy in his new home!

July 18, 2018:

Oliver is doing quite well. He is totally up to date in vaccinations and ready to go. He loved the lab pup (6 months) we had for a week. They became the best of buds and played all the time. He still hasn't had an accident in the house, however, we have a dog door so he is able to let himself out during the day if needed. He cannot be crated but I feel a gated room may work for him. He continues to love his cloth toys and does not wreck them at all. He still does chew on sandals, shoes and slippers. He loves his kong when I leave in the morning and come to expect it. He knows his name and in a fenced in area will come when called. He is learning "sit" and it is coming along quite well. He is very treat motivated so that will make it easier to train him. When he is very excited (especially when I come home) he will mouth my hands. He stops once he calms down. He does bark at my husband but not at me. He is still learning about the world: cars going by when we are walking; loud noises, and sudden movements. He is coming along nicely for having lived outside until he came into GRRoW.

I am looking for a special home for Oliver so he is happy and well-adjusted. I feel he needs to have a playmate since he has lived with other young dogs his whole life. He also needs someone dedicated to taking him to training classes. I feel he would do best in a calm environment so no young kids. My preference is for someone to be home more than I am. I am gone 9 hours a day and once he becomes attached he loves his person. HE IS NOT DESTRUCTIVE WHEN I AM GONE other than paper. He loves to shred paper.

July 1, 2018:

Oliver is a delightful BIG black doodle. He loves his kiddie swimming pool and will lie down in it. I am sure he would love swimming. He is more reserved than some of the other boys that came in. He definitely is a submissive dog. When he was the only doodle here he was pretty shy and wouldn't really engage with us. I have been working with him using hot dogs (he is treat motivated). Fergus is visiting and he is outgoing and happy. He does love his toys and has decided shoes are fair game. We have to put our shoes up.