• Nikko
  • Dog ID: 15-032


November 5th, 2015:

Nikko is doing great and has made himself right at home. He is very energetic for an 8 year old and we love it! He is just perfect!

September 3rd, 2015:

Nikko continues to blossom as all goldens do! He is enjoying his daily walks and an occasional car ride. We are brushing up on some training which is going great and he loves the attention. He is very good while we are at work and there has been no need to crate him as he just naps on his dog bed while we are gone and greets us with a smile and a wagging tail when we get home. He has learned what teeth brushing is all about and does great, he was also was very calm while I trimmed the hair on his paws and brushed his beautiful golden coat. He has been licking his paws some so we wonder if he has a very mild allergies, after all, it is allergy season! He is very interested in squirrels and rabbits so continued training will be important to keep his heeling and recall in check. Nikko has a goofy playful spirit and is very good at keeping himself entertained with his kong toy, tennis ball or stuffed toys. We gave him a chew bone and it did not take him long to figure out there is something good inside! The chew bone is helping reduce some tartar on his teeth. We have met many dogs on our walks and he is excited to meet them and appropriately sniffs them and lets them sniff him. We have also met bikers, skate boarders, people with strollers and some in wheelchairs, and he was not startled by any of them. He walks with other dogs and does great. He is truly wonderful companion and would love nothing more than to me a member of someone’s family!

August 18th, 2015:

Nikko has really relaxed and settled into a routine in the past few days. We go for a long walk each morning and evening, which he seems to anticipate already and even though Nikko is strong, he walks very nicely using a Gentle Leader. He truly loves catching, chasing or simply carrying his favorite tennis ball around the house and yard and quickly learned that dropping the ball at my feet resulted in more play! Nikko loves hanging out with people and receiving affection and attention and his goofy smile is impossible to resist. He rides well and quietly in the car, and seems to enjoy watching the world go by. I have left him home alone for brief periods on a few occasions and he was quiet and calm in his crate. Nikko is well behaved in the house and I have not seen any bad habits; he is not destructive, does not chew, does not beg for food or treats, is not a counter surfer, does not climb onto furniture and has not had any accidents or digestive upsets and does not seem to be disturbed by thunderstorms. Nikko would love a big fenced yard. Nikko had a general checkup at the vet and was found to be in great shape! He is up to date on all vaccinations and tested negative for heartworm and tick-borne disease.

August 14th, 2015:

Nikko traveled nicely to his foster home on Sunday and is settling in. He is adapting well to hardwood floors and stairs, enjoys exploring the neighborhood on our walks and has already met a few other dogs and people with excited, but appropriate reactions. We are still working on creating a truce with the resident cats, but Nikko learns very quickly and is eager to please. Nikko seems very smart and has a terrific memory!  He learned to "wait" at doors and stairs in less than a day and already looks for other dogs he has met when we pass their homes.  He loves tennis balls and entertains himself happily with a ball when no one is available to toss it for him. He will have a medical check next week, but seems very healthy.

First impression is that this handsome boy is smart, eager to please, agile, loves people and will be a great family companion!