• Murphy

  • Dog ID: 18-024

  • Adoption Date: 9/12/2018


October 10, 2018:

Murphy went from foster to forever home here about a month ago. He didn’t know the difference, I actually think he knew before I did that I would adopt him. He knew he was home that first night back in June when I had to carry him upstairs because he didn’t know how to navigate the steps and put him in my bed. He’s been a happy dog ever since. The adoption was just a formality. Today, October 8th is his first birthday. We celebrated by going to the pet store for some special treats and of course a birthday hat. He’s so good natured, VERY social, he wants to be friends with every person or dog he meets. Cats are for chasing. He would be a good candidate for a Therapy Dog and that may be in his future. For now he’s still full blown puppy and has to slow down long enough to learn a few more manners.

September 12, 2018:

Murphy has found his forever home, more updates to come.

July 15, 2018:

He has come a long way from the scared little pup he was that first day. He quickly learned that life with a human is not so bad and living in a house is pretty comfy. Now when he walks by the mirror instead of barking at it he pauses to check himself out and I think he likes what he sees. He really came with some good skills. He walks very nicely on leash, knows how to play fetch, comes when he’s called and doesn’t jump on anyone. He loves people of all ages and is very calm and polite when greeting them so in turn they love him too. When someone starts to pet him he closes his eyes and kind of melts into them, quite the charmer. His favorite thing in my house is my bed, anytime I go upstairs he has to run ahead of me, jump in and nestle into the pile of pillows. I think he would be happy to stay there all day except he can’t because he follows me everywhere. Little Murphy Brown Dog, he’s a sweetie.

June 22, 2018:

I chose to name him Murphy, seems like it fits. What a sweet little boy! He’s a velcro dog, he wants to be with me at all times and is very focused, always looking at me; should make training easy. He is unfamiliar with things in the house, mirrors or anything reflective, like the glass in my front door or the oven door and stairs; but he mastered them quickly (good thing because carrying him up and down was going to get old fast). Then there was the television, OMG we’re still working on that one. He and the cat have made peace with one another, have to give Murphy credit the cat IS obnoxious. He loved sleeping in bed the first night all snuggled up with me (in spite of the cat sitting on the dresser staring at him), he even rolled over on his back for a belly rub. Walking on leash has improved 100% from the first night when he planted all fours and wouldn’t move… had to carry him. Now that he’s sniffed all around the house and yard he’s pooped, he's been sleeping for hours!