• MIllie

  • Dog ID: 18-034

  • Adoption Date: 10/29/2018


November 8, 2018:

Millie has found her forever home. She found a home perfect for her: someone home all day, no other dogs and a wonderful person to spoil her for the rest of her life. So far everything has been going great.

October 7, 2018:
Millie's pee test came back normal. She is concentrating her urine. We are attributing it to behavioral. She was drinking way too much water. This could have been due to being nervous or just a habit. She does have laryngital paralysis which is common in older dogs.

She is ready for adoption and I will begin looking for a home for her.

September 26, 2018:

All is well with Millie. She has had several tests to try to figure out why her urine is so dilute. So far everything has been normal. She has not been drinking as much water so maybe things are fine. I will find out. Today I will be dropping off a urine sample. What is good is that it is concentrated in her sample so keep your fingers crossed. Millie has lost over 5 lbs with many more to go. She has become quite active and loves to play fetch. In fact like a golden she is obsessed with tennis balls. She will go in water and has done a tiny bit of swimming but I would not say she is a champion yet. She loves going for walks too. Millie does like to chase our chickens but she is easily called off from the chase. She gets along with other dogs (all sizes) and cats. I had my 4 yr old nephew over and she pretty much ignored him. Millie tends to be an attention hog and wants someone to pet her all the time. She will frequently put her head under my arm or hand to entice me to pet her even when I am in the bathroom. She definitely would love someone who is home more during the day than I am but she is fine if you are gone 9 hours or so too.

August 6, 2018:

Millie came into GRRoW from the Green Bay Humane Society. She does not like little dogs but has been great with my large breed dogs. She ignores them completely. She is good with cats too. She is a bit on the pudgy side: needs to lose about 15 lbs. She walks well on a leash. She is up to date on vaccinations. She drinks a lot of water thus has accidents in the house. Her urine test shows that she does not concentrate her urine. Water is a 1.0 and hers is a 1.004. She basically pees straight water. Her blood work showed that her kidneys and liver are fine. Her cortisol levels were quite low so we are going to retest in 10 days to see if they are changed at all. If they stay low we will need to do further testing to see if she has Addison's Disease.