• Dog ID: 14-055

My name is Meggie and I was recently adopted. I am GRRoW's 2400th dog! I recently had a photographer come to the house and take pictures of me for GRRoW's promotional purposes. I feel somewhat like a star. I have a new golden sister who is 10 years old who is another GRRoW alumnae. She has been showing me around the house and pointing out important things like how to sleep on the couch, where to find treats, and which dog bed is mine. One of my favorite things has been playing with toys. My newest toy is a kong which I have to try and figure out how to get a treat. After that I have a stuffed bunny - which I already chewed an ear off, but I love it just the same. I have also become very popular at the local dog park. I run like crazy and I have been learning how to look for squirrels in trees. People who meet me can't believe that I am a rescue dog. My family has been working on some of my commands so I can be a good family member. My favorite so far has been to shake. I am 84 lbs. but I believe I am a lap dog. I have been getting spoiled with getting brushed and groomed. I really like that. I travel with my family in the car to exciting spots like the mall, gym, convenience store, Shopko and the bank. P.S. At the bank I always get a treat when we go through the drive through. Life has been pretty good for me. Thanks GRRoW for finding my furrever home. My attached picture shows me on my new dog bed with my kong. I didn't know I was chewing on the wrong end.