• Max
  • Dog ID: 18-001
  • Adoption Date:  5/2/18


May 8, 2018

Mr. Max here. I am writing to let everyone know that I am so happy, I have found my forever home or should I say they found me! It has been a long road, and I have come a long way thanks to so many GRRoW volunteers! I am adjusting to suburban life and love the wildlife that is constantly available for me to watch in the back yard. I love to sit for hours watching the deer and the turkeys, they are quite entertaining! Now that the weather is so nice I get to go out for more walks and I am getting better about staying in my own yard which means I get to play fetch, and what golden retriever does not love to fetch! A great big golden thank you to my friends at Golden Retriever Rescue that helped me become the happy dog that I am today!! You are the best!

May 2, 2018

Max is enjoying his new life, and new adventures. Happy Trails Max

March 18, 2018:

My how time flies when your having fun! Since my last update in January, I have been doing lots of training with my foster dad and we are both learning lots of new stuff. We go for walks every day and now when I meet someone new I have learned to be more of a gentleman and not try to smother them with that golden love! I guess I can get a little excited sometimes, but that’s because I like meeting new people. One of my favorite treats is a Kong toy filled with real good stuff and it’s even frozen so it’s kind of like a Popsicle! That keeps me occupied when guests come over. Oh, and now that it is getting warmer, I see turkeys, deer, and squirrels running around in the back yard, and they are quite entertaining for me. Soon I will be ready for my forever home, oh boy, I can’t wait! Stay tuned for more updates!

January 20, 2018:

Hi everyone, I'm Max! I have been with my foster family for a couple of weeks now and they are taking very good care of me. I am a really smart boy( so I'm told), but sometimes I get so excited that I forget to listen. My foster family says I need to learn to focus better, and I guess they are right, and given the chance I know I can do it! I am really good at the basic commands (when I'm not distracted), and I am learning new stuff every day. Of course like any young boy, I have some bad habits, but with some training, time, and understanding I will get better. Sometimes I get excited when meeting new people and jump up to say "hello", but I am learning that's not the right way to meet people. My foster family is a little concerned that I might be guarding my food, maybe I just need some time to learn to trust, we will keep everyone posted on how I am doing..My veterinary exam went great, and I passed with flying colors, didn't even need any shots, yeh!! I am on the bigger side for a golden but carry my weight well, and the vet says I am in great shape! Right now I am living with a cat who's name is Max too! Imagine that! It took a few days for me to warm up to Max the cat, but now we are doing fine. Well, that is all for now, I can't wait to learn more so I can make some family very happy, oh, and I'm told I am smart and handsome!

January 6, 2018:

Max arrived on Friday evening and is getting settled in his foster home. He is a sweet boy with lots of energy. He settled down and road in the car nicely during the trip. Over the next few weeks we will be learning more about this handsome boy and what makes him so special, so stay tuned!