• Max
  • Dog ID: 16-052
  • Adoption Date:  4/24/2016
  • Gender: Male/Neutered


January 4th, 2017:

Max (16-052) is a 5-year-old (as bets we can tell) male, red golden, approximately 70 pounds. He is sturdy-built but not really overweight. Max is up to date on shots, and has recovered quickly from his neuter surgery. He has incredibly soulful eyes. His gaze can bore right into you, especially if you are holding food.

When he first arrived, he was real nervous about being left alone. Real nervous about everything, really. He sucked and chewed a hole on one of our throw pillows and lap blankets over the course of the first few days. Over time, though, he has relaxed. It took a while to get used to my dogs. My 8 year old ignores him, as he does most dogs, but my 1 year old was a real nuisance, wanting Max to ply with him. Let's just say Max didn't appreciate that. But now they can often be found laying together or walking around with a toy being held by both. I am including a photo of them cuddling (the smaller guy is my Rocket). A tummy rub is one of Max's favorite things. He respects the house rules about no dog on the bed or couch, but he will push as close as he can to the limit. He can be vocal, and is not shy about letting you know what he wants (especially when he wants to go outside). Max loves walks. Does not like the car, though (constantly whines). He is a good eater. Since he came from a home in which he had been free-fed, it took a little time to adjust his schedule to being fed twice a day, but he is now as enthusiastic as my guys about mealtimes. Max loves to walk around the house with a toy or ball in his mouth. He is a very sweet dog who can sometimes be a little needy.

"Mr. Max," as we often call him, has fit nicely into our home, but he is ready for his own forever home. I think Max would be fine with another dog, especially a mellow one. He certainly seems to have learned the routine from our goldens. Someone who is interested in a medium energy golden who likes to snuggle will be very lucky to get this guy.
---Max's foster Mom