• Dog ID: 15-003
  • Adoption Date: June 1, 2015
  • Gender: Male


April 16, 2015 Update:

Mason was able to go swimming as part of his physical therapy.  I included some photos of him in the pool.  The owner has worked with dogs for 27 years and is also an occupational therapist, so she did really well working with him.  I would assume Mason has never been swimming before, because he seemed unsure about the idea and a bit anxious.  He was fitted with the largest floatation vest that they carry, and once he realized that he wasn't going to sink, he seemed to calm down some.  He even remembered that he is a retriever, after all, and started retrieving balls from the water!  The owner thought Mason did very well, considering it was his first time.  So many new and unfamiliar things. 

March 23, 2015 Update:

You couldn't ask for a sweeter boy!  Mason is always so happy and just loves everyone.  He loves to give kisses and is so gentle with little kids.  Most of the neighborhood dogs are pretty friendly, but even if another dog leash pulls and barks at him while out on walks, Mason just ignores him and calmly walks away.

From a health standpoint, Mason's ACL tear is healing very well.  At four weeks post surgery, we took him in to have his staples removed and the vet was so impressed with how fast he is healing.  We were told "whatever you are doing, keep doing it!"  Since then, we have continued his physical therapy and gradually increased the length of his walks.  Currently, we are working on repetitions of the "sit to stand" exercise, so that he learns to use both hind legs equally in order to strengthen the weak leg.  He loves his walks four times per day and makes sure that we don't take any short cuts, regardless of weather.  Over the past weekend, we took him in the back yard so that he could play off leash for the first time since surgery.  He actually squealed with excitement!  Our vet believes that water therapy helps dogs heal better and faster, so Mason will be starting water therapy twice per week for six weeks. The water therapy consists of walking on an underwater treadmill.

Our latest photo is of Mason on his orthopedic, memory foam bed with "his" furry blankie.  I had my eye on a faux chinchilla oversized throw from Frontgate and finally ordered it.  I don't think I got to use it more than a day before "someone" pulled it off the sofa while we were at work and decided he liked it, too.  As you can see, I didn't have the heart to take it from him.  Oh well....

February 12, 2015 Update:

Mason is starting to feel like himself again and he has his appetite back.  He only wore the "cone of shame" for the first day because it is too small for him. The cone is supposed to prevent him from licking the incision, but we removed it when we realized that his nose extended at least 3 inches beyond the cone so, basically, he could lick anything he wanted to!  It's a good thing that he hasn't had much interest in licking the incision so he has been fine without wearing it.  Our job right now is to keep him quiet and make sure that he doesn't do things that he shouldn't, like running or jumping.  Well, try to tell Mason that!  On day 4 post-surgery, I took him for a short walk on leash.  As soon as he realized that his leg was supporting him again, he just took of running down the sidewalk.  He caught me by surprise and I had to pull him in to slow him down, but he didn't make it easy for me!  I think that pain meds are a wonderful thing to keep Mason comfortable, but masking the pain made him think he could be more active than he is ready for.  Since we removed the pain "patch" and he is just taking pain pills, he has slowed down a bit and has stopped trying to overdo it.  We do our daily regimen of physical therapy 3 times per day.  It consists of warm, moist heat packs followed by massaging the muscle, range of motion exercises, a short walk, and ice.  Mason is not a big fan of the stretching exercises, but we take it slow and he is doing well with it.  At two weeks post-surgery, we will take him in to have his staples removed.  He is just the sweetest boy and has been a real trouper through all of this!

February 3, 2015 Update:

Mason's surgery went well.  He is already starting to put weight on the leg, so that is a good sign.  We stayed home with him through Monday.  We have a close friend staying with him during the day this week while we are at work.  The meds are hard on the stomach, and I have been giving him food with his pills.  But, yesterday he didn't want to eat.  I'm sure he doesn't feel well and his stomach might be queasy, but he even turned down ground turkey breast that I cooked for him!  Poor boy!  With some coaxing and hand feeding, he eventually ate most of it.  This morning, I made some scrambled eggs for him to mix with his food and he ate it.  I am working on his physical therapy.  Day 1 on Sunday went well without complaint, but yesterday he seemed to be a little sore and tender and wasn't too happy about it so I eased off some.  All considering, he is doing well.

January 22, 2015 Update: 

Mason adjusted quickly to his new home and is settling in nicely.  He was a big sweetie from the start, but after a week here his personality is starting to come through.  He is such a calm tempered and mellow dog.  He never even barked for the entire first week, until yesterday when I tried to take too many pictures of him and he playfully jumped toward me and gave one big "woof" as if to say "enough already!"  He is a real lover and very social.  He came from a home with another dog, cat, and children and he just loves everybody.

Mason had his first vet check up, so he is up to date on his vaccinations.  His blood work showed positive for exposure to Lymes, so he will be starting antibiotics.  He is also being treated for an infection in both ears.  X-rays confirmed that Mason has a torn ACL so we have a consult with an orthopedic surgeon this week to determine treatment.