• Maggie
  • Dog ID: 16-008
  • Adoption Date:  6/11/2016
  • Gender: Female


October 31st, 2017:

Maggie just celebrated her 13th birthday and enjoyed her peanut butter cake. She barks happily when we get home and then goes back to sleep on her bed within minutes. She’s the sweetest dog ever! We call her Nana (from Peter Pan) because she’s such a caretaker. We are enjoying every minute with her. Thank you GRRoW!

June 11th, 2016:

Maggie went to her new home on June 3rd. She has settled in nicely.

May 17th, 2016:

Maggie has been blossoming since her arrival. She continues to lose weight and is so much more spry. We have another golden retriever living with us for 10 days and Maggie is enjoying her company. She even trots now on walks. Maggie had her teeth cleaned and checked. No problems were found. She just has old teeth to go with her old body. But, her spirit is young and friendly. She loves to hang out with the family and be petted. Maggie has excellent manners and is very well trained. She was a therapy dog in her younger years. Maggie is wonderful company and does not mind a little hustle and bustle in the house. She is an awesome addition to the family.

April 10th, 2016:

Maggie now weighs 98.4 lbs. Her gums seem a little better. I have given her a high quality rawhide to chew. Initially, her gums bled but that has stopped. She doesn't chew on it a lot. So, the gums must still be sore. Maggie now walks quite far. She does about 2 miles a day, split between 2-3 walks. She enjoys going for walks. Maggie has adjusted to my schedule of sleeping in late and staying up late. I work the evening shift. She enjoys other dogs and has a golden retriever/lab friend in the neighborhood. When she sees other dogs while we walk she barks excitedly. She does not bark in the house. She is mellow during car rides.

April 2nd, 2016:

Maggie is doing so well. She walks significantly farther now. Her limp, that was apparent in her right front leg, has mostly resolved. Her pace while walking has increased. We take her into a wooded park near our house that has wide trails. She loves sniffing around at all the new wonders. She seems to have bonded with us, greeting us enthusiastically when we come home. She now ventures into the bedrooms. And, much to my dog-loving cat's delight, she greets him and smells him all over. She is such a sweetheart.

March 20th, 2016:

Maggie is a wonderful, mellow dog. She has such a sweet disposition. After a couple days of not eating, I finally found a combination of food she likes. I had to abandon dry kibble. I am thinking her gums are too swollen and it is painful to eat dry kibble. I tried moistening her food from home, but she rejected that. After several trips to Mad Cat, a pet store in Madison that carries high quality pet products, I found food that she will eat. It is a mix of Nature's Instinct raw diet, high quality canned poultry dog food, and Stella and Chewy's freeze dried patties. We take her on 3-4 short walks a day. She is a slow walker and seems to have a little arthritis. Her vet appointment revealed she is a healthy but morbidly obese older golden. Her weight was 104.8 lbs. Today, I took her back for a weigh-in (while picking up meds for my cat) and Maggie had lost 3 lbs! She is scheduled to have her teeth cleaned on April 22. She is very good with my cats. One of my cats wants to be her friend, but Maggie is indifferent. Another cat has hissed occasionally, but Maggie ignores that, too. My family is so enjoying Maggie. And she appears happy. She wags her tail and looks up expectantly when we enter the room. She prefers to stay in the living room, which is my family's nerve center. And she will not do stairs.