• Dog ID: 14-057
  • Surrender Date: 11-26-2014
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 7 years

February 3, 2015 Update:
Dear GRRoW

Lucy is doing very well. She's now about 84 pound and her coat is back to its full glory. The only evidence of her challenged past is the fur on her neck is a little shorter where she was shaved for her operation.

We walk at least twice a day - she holds me to our 5:30 am jaunt each weekday morning and our evening walk is typically a minimum of two miles. For weekends we have discovered the dog park and this is already established as a treat - Miss L being a total social butterfly with canines and humans alike. Plus she loves the truck ride.

Health wise Lucy is on a slightly stronger thyroid dose and her ears have settled down well and we are now on a once weekly laser regime.

The cats are quite comfortable sniffing at Lucy even though she is an attention hog and pushes in anytime they get love. The boys take great amusement in watching Lucy toss her stuffed toys in the air and race around the room with them. They will also sit on their window seats and watch with amusement as she snow plows outside. Thunder and Stormy are great lookouts too - if I have let Lucy out into the back yard to relieve herself and I walk away - they will let me know she is at the door before she does. Although I did tease Lucy last week and just waved at her through the door twice - leading to a friendly bark and then a joking protest bark when I finally let her in.

Life is good - thank you friends and thank you GRRoW.

Lucy's Forever Family.