• Dog ID: 14-051
  • Adoption Date: February 4, 2015


March 1, 2015 Update:

I am happy to report that Lexi is thriving!  To date I have not observed any seizures since Oct 16 and no histiocytes since the end of October.  The on again off again lump on her nose has not recurred.  We never figured out what it was. 

Flynn and Lexi continue to be best buddies.  She will get pretty rough with him which he tolerates well ....until he doesn't.  Then he has to 'tune her up' and all is well for a while.  Lexi is very good with other dogs (and kids) at the dog park and can be found racing and chasing the dogs that invite it.  

Lexi is really good with the new foster,  Fred.  But I think some of this has to do with her trying to figure out if she can get his chews away from him!  Always the opportunist, I can see the wheels turning in her head how she can distract him.  Fred is a veteran, however and sees her coming. He stops chewing, looks at her and smiles and goes back to his chewie.  He gets it and thinks its funny.

I cannot believe the difference in Lexi's body from intake until now.  She is well muscled and solid and runs like a deer. Thanks to GRRoW this little girl got a second chance.  She deserved it and I am grateful she got it.