• Leo

  • Dog ID: 18-046

  • Adoption Date: 3/28/19


May 28, 2019:

Leo was adopted and was excited about returning to his adoptive home. He made a visit there prior to the adoption and liked what he saw so he was anxious to start this new adventure. So far, he has the right mix of freedom, a fenced in area to play, and long walks.

March 16, 2019:

Leo is enjoying the warm weather even with the snow on the ground he loves to romp around the yard. We have been taking longer walks and slowly meeting new people. Leo loves all the neighbors he has met. Everyone has seen his progress and how he has evolved into a very polite dog when greeting them on his walks sitting by their side allowing them to pet him.

Leo has come a long way as he is exposed to more people and dogs. He is still very reactive when seeing another dog however we have been working very diligently with breaking his focus and redirecting him with treats. Leo’s barking in the house has subsided as well, when he barks and we say the key word “enough” if he directs his attention to us and stops barking he gets a treat. He loves his treats!

Leo is a very happy dog and as he gains more confidence with the outside world he is enjoying life to its fullest.

February 12, 2019:
Leo is doing well. We are working daily on his outside manners with other people. With more repetition and exposure he is becoming less frightened of things outside and accepting of people he approaches.

He loves the snow and will do anything to go outside and play. We have been outside playing in the yard for hours when temps permit. Leo is exhausted and sleeps like a log. Leo also likes his MuttLuk boots, with the cold weather he wears them well! When he attempts to get food from people we have made it clear there is no begging and want him to learn leave it and lay down. Leo has been barking less in the home and we are using positive reinforcement so when we say enough he knows he receives praise and the barking should stop. Leo has quite the personality and he is so smart and gentle. He is such a joy to have in our home. He loves life and only asks for love and understanding in return. It has been a journey learning with and from him. We have found that with time, patience and understanding he truly is a good dog.

December 30, 2018:
Leo had a great Christmas! He was such a gentleman as we had family and friends visiting enjoying the holidays. Leo greeted everyone happily and was very comfortable with everyone entering our home. We have been working with Leo on manners when food is placed on an end table at his eye level. He listens very well and has learned very quickly that the items are not for him. Santa also brought him some treats and toys he is enjoying. Leo does very well in our house by himself. We started leaving him home alone for brief periods (15-20 minutes) with no incidents. We have worked our way up to leaving Leo for longer periods of time 2-3 hours with no incidents. Leo continues to enjoy his daily routine. He is exercised and allowed to play which stimulates him keeping it fun for him. As you can see by his picture he is smiling all the time!

We have been training diligently with Leo on his walking manners. We remain positive with him meeting new people as he is still fearful and he is learning ever so slowly to be a good neighbor. We have refrained from bringing any dogs into his environment he has had a lot of change over the past several weeks,

December 9, 2018:
Leo has been with us for 4 days. He is a perfect gentleman in our home and eager to learn. He knows basic commands and loves to learn new ones. Leo loves to cuddle and will lay by your side keeping us warm on these cold winter nights. He has helped us decorate our home for Christmas, sniffing every container we open. He is very gentle never removing anything from the containers and listens to our command when we ask him to leave it. Leo will run from one end of the house to the other looking for his hidden toy and once he has found it place it at your feet for his next adventure.

Leo is having a hard time trusting people outside his home. We are working on his walking manners as he is not always eager to meet strangers and is frightened.