• Leo
  • Dog ID: 18-033R (was 18-030R)
  • Adoption Date:  8/2/18


August 24, 2018:

Leo the quirky weatherman...this sweet boy is hands-down, one of the funniest Goldens we have ever had the pleasure of being owned by. We no longer rely on The Weather Channel because Leo is a much more accurate predictor than even Jim Cantore (please don't tell Jim)! When a storm is approaching, Leo lets us know, in no uncertain terms. Since coming into our hearts and home on July 31st we have worked hard to help him be more at ease with the weather but he still worries and we continue to work with him. We have promised him that in some small way, we will help him heal from his early life experiences, one day we hope that those memories will fade completely away. He has quickly embraced his own comfy bed, watching TV and has proven himself to be a world-class traveler. We took him on a road trip for 6 days and he was a complete gentleman, becoming very adept at leash walking, meeting new people and new dogs. His funny quirks, closing and opening doors when he's worried, howling with happiness when we come home and bringing us a toy when he greets us are just some of the reasons he is loved in his new home. We couldn't be happier that our new fur-baby is Leo!!

August 2, 18:

Leo has been enjoying his new forever home and all the new smells and sights and sounds. He is getting better with his fear of thunder storms and can sense a thundercloud well before it appears overhead. Leo continues to show us how happy he is by circling, gathering his toys in his mouth, and his "talking."

July 20, 2018

Leo is a real charmer. On top of being a gorgeous, eight year old, red, highly intelligent golden with a white tuft in front, he is on the smaller side, agile and quite active. He is in foster care with two other goldens and has been in homes with other dogs. He vocalizes when he is excited and happy and is the most entertaining and enjoyable golden. He knows his commands and will lay down when told. He loves his freedom and does not like to be contained. He is great in the house and outside with you in attendance. He likes other dogs once he gets to know them, is fine with kids especially those who will throw him a ball, and loves, loves the water to play catch and to fish. Leo is ready for adoption as he has worked through some of his fear of thunder storms dating back to his earlier years. He wants a secure home with someone home most of the day, someone to be around during thunder storms, another dog is fine, cats can be tolerated, and away from traffic and lots of room to roam so he can enjoy his property. Leo would benefit from a job and would probably thoroughly enjoy agility training. He loves his three walks a day and will settle down in the back of an SUV for long rides. Leo needs a stable home and one that will work with his fear of thunder and greeting new dogs.

June 15, 2018:

Leo is the most delightful boy who walks well, stays around the yard, doesn't have any bad habits that we have found and is an all around great companion. He loves his toys and will pile them all in one spot to please you. He rides beautifully in the car and on a boat and loves, loves, loves to fetch tennis balls both on land and in the water. Leo is one strong swimmer who enjoys water and walks. Once we work on those fears, especially of thunderstorms, he will be ready for adoption.