• Leo
  • Dog ID: 18-021
  • Adoption Date:  7/19/2018


July 23, 2018:

Leo has been adopted!

July 18, 2018:

Leo is an energetic and curious puppy who is really doing well.

He does everything in a big puppy way. Now that he's comfortable in the house his personality is really showing. He loves playing with his toys - tossing them in the air, jumping after them, zooming around the room. If he decides to play with something inappropriate (slippers are a favorite) he is easy to redirect. He is totally into going on walks and is very curious about bunnies and squirrels. He loves flopping his big paws on our laps and cuddling with us.

We're still working on his isolation anxiety but have seen marked improvement in the past two weeks. He's been able to hang out in his crate, with our other dog in the room, for up to four hours without barking or whining.

He's going to make a great addition to a lucky family!

June 27, 2018:

Leo is a very energetic puppy with a sweet temperament. He's adjusting to living in a house with a family, taking behavior clues from our other dog. He likes playing with a wide range of toys. We are working on not chewing on non-toy items (like shoes), height seeking, and consistent potty training.

The vet visit went really well - he is generally in pretty good health. He will be neutered next week.