• Dog ID: 15-030
  • Adoption Date: September 2, 2015


September 17th, 2015 Update:

We adopted Leo from GRROW September 3, 2015. He has been a wonderful addition to our family! He has a golden sister and a mix brother. He has a calm and loving nature, as well as an exuberance for life! He is game for anything! Some of his favorite things are playing ball, going for walks, emptying the basket full of toys, chasing the critters out of the yard and riding in the car. He spins circles when he knows he will be going for a ride! We are signed up for obedience training and perhaps agility in the future. I look forward to winter with him as he will be my cross country skiing partner! He’s a wonderfully athletic dog, just perfect for our lifestyle!
Thank you GRROW for finding the perfect home for Leo where he will be loved and nurtured forever!

September 2nd, 2015 Update:

Today was an exciting day for Leo as he went to his forever home. He is so excited because his new home has his favorite things...tennis balls and a lake!! What more can a handsome dog like Leo want? Well, he has a golden brother as well as someone to stay home with him almost all day long! This is the perfect combination for Leo and we are anxious to hear what he thinks about his new surroundings.

August 28th, 2015 Update:

Leo continues to amaze us with his ability to problem solve. He is quite calm in the house with the other dogs and is content to pull out all the stuffed toys in the box. He mouths them a bit and then goes and gets another one. While his true love is the tennis ball, either on land or in the water, he can be entertained with just about anything. Our latest adventure was chasing a squirrel up a tree. Leo is ready to be adopted and is waiting for just that right family. He wants someone home most of the time so he does not get too anxious about being alone, someone who is very active and will walk him several times a day, and someone who will play ball with him until their arms are tired. Water, cross country skiing and runners are an added bonus.

August 14th, 2015 Update:

We had wonderful news from the vet. Leo was tested for Blastomycosis and we found that he does not have it!!! So, we can continue with his routine of meds for Lymes and Anaplasma and he should be ready to be adopted soon. Leo continues to amaze us with his agility. Not only can he jump from the water to the dock, he effortlessly leaps over large dogs and any obstacles in his way. He continues to listen on his walks in the woods and has responded to a low whistle from me when I want him to slow down. Leo is very intelligent and learns quickly, especially if it has to do with a ball. He loves the kids in the neighborhood and gets along with all of the other dogs. Just don't give him a cat, squirrel, rabbit or any other critter that moves. He swam more than 400 feet to get a duck and then turned around and swam back!! He really does need to be watched when he is outside. This boy has high/high energy and looks just like an otter when he is wet!

August 7th, 2015 Update:

Leo completed his vet exam with some excitement. He lunged at the resident vet cat but was easily called off when we all yelled "no." He received all of his shots and was diagnosed positive with Lymes and Anaplasma so he is on medication for a month.

This week we took him to the lake and he was like a little kid. He did not know if he wanted to play with the ball or the water so instead he jumped off the dock after the ball, chased the ducks, and fished along the shoreline for the entire day. He would need to wear a life jacket on a boat as he would jump into the water if he got too close to shore. We were amazed that he was able to jump from the water on to the dock when walking around would take too long! We started to call Leo the "Otter" as he looks just like one in the water. This young man would definitely benefit from agility training as he always needs to be busy. Needless to say, he slept soundly that evening.

He did well on our walks in the woods and if he started to go down a "deer" trail, it just took a "no" to call him back.

He continues to get along and is submissive to our alpha golden and has learned where he can go in the house and cottage on the first go around. Leo continues to get a bit better about being left for short periods of time along with our golden. He rides well in the SUV and van and will most often lie down in the back.

July 31, 2015 Update:

Leo traveled well to his foster home and transitioned with a bit of anxiousness. He did enjoy several walks in the fields and was quick to learn his way home. He settled in nicely and is curious about his new surroundings. He is getting along with the resident alpha and seems to take his cue as to what to do and when. Leo goes to the vet on Monday and we are anxious for him to get his shots and on heart worm and tick preventatives.