• Kristoff
  • Dog ID: 17-051T
  • Adoption Date:  1/21/2018


February 27th, 2018:


Kris has found his forever home! He has been adopted by my wife and I…his foster family. Yes, we are foster failures. I did not take Kris long to win over our hearts and he fit in immediately. Kris has been with us for about 2 months now and his personality has surfaced. He loves to cuddle and regularly becomes a 90 pound lap dog. He is still a puppy and that clearly comes through when he plays. He has a very low growl when he plays and can get a bit rough but stops when he’s told to. He now has a good grasp of the English language now and understands several commands. However, he still only comes to Kris. He is an extremely intelligent pup which can make training a bit more difficult. He will look at us with a “what’s in it for me” type attitude.

January 2, 2018:

Kris is a 2-year-old Golden Retriever that came to GRRoW. He is a beautiful light golden color with a very thick coat. He has been with his foster family for about 9 days now and is settling in nicely. His vet visit went well, and he is in good health except for being a little overweight. Doctor says he could stand to lose about 3-5 pounds. When Kris came to stay with us it was clear he did not understand commands but has caught on quickly. He now responds to his name and simple commands like "come" and "walk." He does pull a bit when he walks. However, he settles down after a few blocks. He is higher energy while outside but settles nicely when indoors. Kris is not a huge fan of cars driving by, so we are working on that. We have nicknamed him "Loverboy" because he is a huge cuddly lap dog. He is most content lying on the sofa with his head in your lap. A couple things we learned about Kris is that he likes to jump up when greeting people. Kris does periodically jump on us but that is gettign better as he is a pretty fast learner. We have noticed he does mouth but only a few times. He has not done it over the last few days so not sure if he just stopped on his own or does it occassionally. At this time I can say Kris is a lot of fun and has a "Golden" temperament. .