• Clara (formerly Keagan)
  • Dog ID: 18-019
  • Adoption Date:  8/22/2018


August 22, 2018:

Clara has found her forever home.

August 13, 2018:

Clara has made tremendous progress in the last month. She wants to be near her people and makes a great foot warmer. She has gone from being fearful of the car to racing into it. Her only fear now is being left behind. She crates easily and is content to relax for a time with a Kong ball stuffed with treats. She loves being around other dogs and will play til she drops. Perhaps the most rewarding change is that she is more open to meeting new people. She will approach people willingly and without the cringing I saw when she first came to me. We are working on some basic obedience commands and, in true Golden fashion, she is a quick learner. Her recall can be a bit over-enthusiastic at times, as she races back at brake-neck speed for lots of rewards. We are close to clearing all the medical hurdles. She has just about completed her Lyme Disease treatment. Fortunately, this is just preventative, as she has shown no symptoms. She has been spayed, and has less than a week to go in her recovery period. We did have a minor setback when she rolled off the bed and managed to catch a nail in the heat grate. She pulled the covering off the nail and exposed the quick. This required a couple weeks of bandage changes and pain control, but she is fine now. She should be ready for adoption very soon.

July 10, 2018:

Clara (formerly Keagan) is a sweet year and a half year old. In just a few short days she has settled in to her new environment. Her temperament is very easy-going. She loves to play with her new toys, and to chase tennis balls around the yard. However, she still has a lot of puppy in her, and occasionally finds my shoes and socks more interesting than her toys. She's made good friends with my Miniature Dachshund and often follows him around the yard. She walks well on a leash and harness, is not aggressive toward passing dogs, and behaves well when passing or stopping to chat with other people. She has not had a lot of experience in the outside world, so many things are new to her. Consequently, she is a bit on the timid side, and responds best to a lot of love and patience. She loves to be petted and cuddled, and can frequently be found curled up with me on my oversized recliner or on the floor with me, drifting off to sleep while I brush her. She has a few lessons to learn. Getting in and out of the car is still a challenge for her, and she is just being introduced to a crate. I have no doubt that she will quickly overcome all these challenges, and make a perfect companion. 

July 7, 2018:

Keagan is very shy but she does come when I call her. She needs a bath and a good brushing, but that can wait awhile. Right now I need to earn her trust. She really wants affection.

When she saw the yard, she jumped up and down, and then did the zoomies all around the yard. She found Toby’s old ball and rolled around holding between her paws.

She’s definitely not house trained. I don’t even think she’s been in a house. It took her a good minute to decide it was safe to cross the threshold. Now she’s in and out and exploring every inch of the house and yard. I’m a little worried about what little gifts I might find in the morning.