Dog ID: 14-047

January 10, 2015 Update:

Jordan or Jordy Nelsen as the Packer fans call him, is doing great. What a wonderful boy. Our son called him a gentle giant when he met him but he does have a bit of the devil in him!  It took him a couple weeks to settle in and eat two meals a day. He didn’t want to go outside alone but is getting better and even stays out in the yard alone now. He and our cat Leo got along right away. No problems at all.  He is still anxious in new situations but we are working on that and exposing him to new things where he can be comfortable. He loves everyone and all other dogs and has never been aggressive.  

We are now in Port Arkansas, TX on the Gulf near Corpus Christi for two months. Jordy spent three days in the car with a break when we visited our son and family in Dallas for three days. Even with all the changes he did well. There was a 2 hour thunderstorm in Dallas one night and even with the medication he had a rough night. But I stayed up and hugged him and when it was over he went to sleep!  I was wiped!  We took him to the beach and he loved it!  Didn’t want to swim in the surf but loved running on the beach and sniffing! He has adjusted well to our place here. We haven’t taken him in the fishing boat yet because it has been cold and raining but are anxious to see how he does. We hope he likes to fish! 

So you can see that he is doing well. I think with exercise his legs are stronger and he doesn’t need all the pain he was taking when we got him. The vet has him on 1/2 pill every morning plus a glucosamine pill and he is doing well. All in all we LOVE him! 

Thanks for all GRROW does!

October 16, 2014 Update:

First update from his adoptive home that was sent to his FH. Jordan is doing well. Settling in for sure because he is much more relaxed and his personality is coming out. Met the dog behind us and they have chatted over the fence. He and the cat are sniffing each other now and not moving away from each other. He is a great dog and we are enjoying him. We thank you and your family for taking him in and loving him until he found his forever home. You are fantastic foster parents!