Medical Hold

  • Joey

  • Dog ID: 18-008

  • Surrender Date: 3/2/2018

  • Gender: Male

  • Adoption Fee: $450 + $400 Neuter Deposit

  • Age: 1 year

  • Energy Level: High

  • Interactions with dogs: Good

  • Interactions with kids: Good

  • Interactions with cats: Unknown

  • Medical or Behavior Challenge Notes: Medical Hold


March 4, 2019:

Joey has just completed PT which both exhilarates and exhausts him. The docs have agreed to let Joey continue PT at home where he was given many exercises to do from using fit bones, doing weaves, cavalettis , and going swimming (which he loves almost as much as tennis balls)! His injections must be helping him a ton because he cries less, even though he’s been working hard during PT. He loves going for walks with his foster sisters, even though his distance is limited. He holds his head and tail high and puppy prances as if to say look at me, I’m one handsome dude!! He doesn’t really bark much, most often he gives us the best Chewbacca impersonation we’ve ever heard! Recently, he had his first interaction with a kitten. He was eating dinner when a kitten approached and decided to eat with him. Joey moved over and shared his bowl with the little kitty. This boy is calm, sweet and always eager to please. To know him is to love him!! 💕

January 8, 2019:

Joey is growing up to be such a handsome, big boy! He’s taken us down a path that we never expected, while teaching us many lessons along the way. He has orthopedic issues which required(s) surgery and rehab on his hips and elbows. This poor pup has been struggling with pain since the early months of his puppyhood, so he cries... Today, he's lacking core strength due to his surgeries, so doing some of the simplest things are difficult, so he cries… He loves the simplest things like short walks with his foster family, playing with his toys, going on car rides, snuggles with his sisters, then he cries... He happily visits with his doctors & therapists, so eager to please, then he cries... He’s great at taking his meds and knows his limits, but sometimes he just wants to be a puppy, so he cries… Joey shows so much strength and courage, he always finds a way to enjoy the day, whether by laying in the pool on a warm sunny day or playing tug of war with a stick they’ve found in the snow. You would think with all of his challenges, he would have a huge chip on his shoulder, but not Joey, he enjoys the simple pleasures life has offered him. It doesn’t matter if you’re “family", a friend, or a complete stranger, you’ll be the most important person in his heart every single moment you’re with him. At the end of the day, this sweet boy will curl up with you, lay his head on your shoulder, and with love in his eyes, he sighs...

October 17, 2018:

Joey has now completed both TPO (triple pelvic osteotomy) surgeries and is recovering well. He has started physical therapy. Joey usually does just about anything to please, but was a little scared and not too excited about physical therapy. Given the fact that he’s found ways to compensate for his pain in earlier months, it’s been a bit more challenging to get him to do his therapy properly rather than what has been pure instinct in the past. He’s a trusting little guy and will soon realize not only is his quality of life getting better, but it’ll be pain free!

September 10, 2018:

Wow! What a journey! Joey’s had so much happen since the last update.

Joey’s first surgery and rehab is complete and he made it through like a champ. The doc said he’s like a whole different puppy and it was great seeing him show some spunk!

We’ve found that not only does he like to play with tennis balls, but he LOVES to play with water. It doesn’t matter if it’s from his water dish, the hose, his pool, a pond or a lake. If it splashes, he’s all in! He sure is loving all this rain we’re getting! Joey’s a gentle pup who loves playing and snuggling with his foster sisters. He doesn’t discriminate, so if there should be an open lap... 😊

Joey's second surgery was on September 5th, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes as well as the first! We’ll keep you posted.

June 18th, 2018:

Please visit "GRRoWing Joey" on Facebook for more information about Joey and many more photos!

June 4, 2018

Joey has been placed on a medical hold. More information to come.

May 21, 2018:

I can’t say enough about this beautiful little boy! He has two foster sisters and together, they adopted a new motto.... Eat, sleep, play, repeat! This little guy loves investigating new things, and he actually leads the way with his older sisters quite often. His favorite activity is playing with his new squeaky rabbit or playing Chuck It in the back yard. Joey’s on the pay it forward system, get a snuggle, give two snuggles back. He’s definitely a tender-hearted pup. To meet Joey is to love him.

March 12, 2018:

Joey had a great night. We set him on the floor when we first walked in the door & he was off and running. He spent most of the night investigating the house, but once he found the toy box it was all over. He cried for a few minutes at bed time and went to sleep. We were up pretty early and Joey hung out in the loft with a couple of toys and watched Emmy & Bailey (our other Goldens) playing. He is very playful, but does seem a little timid. He’s quite the snuggler!