• Dog ID: 15-021
  • Surrender Date: 
  • Gender: Female
  • Adoption Fee: $125
  • Age: 9 years
  • Energy Level: Low
  • Interactions with dogs: prefers to be an only dog
  • Interactions with kids: Good with kids over 10 years of age
  • Interactions with cats: Unknown
  • Medical or Behavior Challenge Notes:  Arthritis


November 10th, 2015:

Jenny has done a great job of recovering from her eye surgery and is back to her 3 mile walks and playing in the yard.  We are getting ready to plan the other eye to remove the ulceration and will be ready for adoption after surgery.  I am so proud of how far she has come over the last few months and has turned out to be a very loving dog for a great family.  She loves to be outside, play fetch and loves her daily walks.  We have had her interact with cats and she did great- no issues.   Looking for a great family to love her, take her on daily walks or have a large yard for her to play in.  She will be a great addition to the family. 

September 16th, 2015:

Jenny is just about ready to find her forever home. The pain meds, chiropractic adjustments, and acupuncture have done wonders for her getting around better. We have been able to build up the muscles in her rear legs through gradual increases in walks and swims, as well as relieve some of the pain in the hips with the other therapies. She has also started taking glucosamine supplements for joint health which she should be on for the rest of her life.  She is walking about 2 miles now and loves the water and playing fetch. We will be reducing /eliminating her pain meds to the point where she needs them only for comfort/maintenance.

The lick granuloma on her back leg wound is healing nicely and the hair is starting to grow over the top again… should be good as new in the next week. She was groomed which got rid of a ton of undercoat and also cut her fur short. 

She is not a barker, does not go on furniture, doesn’t jump, and doesn’t sleep on the beds. She loves people. I have not had her with smaller kids so have no idea how she would be with them. She is a very loving dog and loves attention. She is not a runner and likes to walk around the yard… she stays close to me when I am in the gardens.

The only down side is she is not always great with other dogs. She has been around some without issue, but with others she will growl. We will be looking for a home where she can be the only dog and will have limited and controlled interactions with other dogs.

August 25th, 2015:

Jenny has adjusted well in her new foster home... she loves being outside and enjoys the water- has been frog hunting in the pond... lol! She is walking almost a mile now and so enjoys it! Her leg wound is closed and ready to start water therapy. Here is a picture of her in my pumpkin patch! She is looking forward to the pumpkin bread we are going to bake!

July 13, 2015:

Jenny was subdued for a day or so at first, but she now seems comfortable and relatively unstressed.  Eating and drinking normally.  When outside for business, she stays fairly close.  No tendency to wander off.  We keep her in sight, but leash isn’t needed unless we go for a stroll down the street.  We’ve left her alone for very brief periods, and no distress other than a whine or two. Indoors, she likes attention but is not at all a “Velcro Dog.”  She’ll accept affection and then wander off to lie down.  May or may not follow us around the house – mostly not.  She didn’t seem to know what a nice big dog bed was.  She sleeps on the floor at night – random locations.  We have not tried her on our staircases.  Her joints seem a bit difficult for her.  Three steps to the garage and climbing into a car are a bit difficult.  If I try to pick her up, she yelps at me with bared teeth.  A Rimadyl a day seems to help. We’re continuing her regimen with what came with her (Earthborne kibble).  She likes it, and processes seem normal.  I’ve reached into her dish twice to drop in a half Rimadyl tablet – no reaction.  She likes little treats and will “give me paws” as I give them to her.Jenny has met three dogs so far.  Son’s Lab mix is young, boisterous and pushy, but very sweet natured.  Jenny and Paxton “had words” a couple of times, and he is a devilish playful sort.  Jenny didn’t like his poking and bugging her, but they ended up playing a little and settling down.  Next door neighbor has a young male boxer.  After a curled lip or two, Jenny was quickly trotting around with him, and they seemed OK.  She also met the 11­year­ old son, and she was fine.  He knew better than to run up and hug a strange dog.  she met a squirrel going out our door.  She had no clue what to do.  Not much prey drive there.  No reaction to birds on feeders on the deck.Jenny’s a very gentle, sweet­ natured dog, but she has initial issues when meeting new dogs.  So far, the up­front stress has calmed, and things became OK.  She’ll probably be best if placed in a home without other dogs and limited contact with little children – someone might grab a paw or throw himself on her.

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