• Jake
  • Dog ID: 15-007
  • Adoption Date: May 23, 2015
  • Gender: Male


September 2nd, 2015:

On July 30th Jake passed his CGC with flying colors. I am going to LaCrosse for a TDI test and we will be good to do Therapy Dog work. Jake loves the farm and I have been giving him freedom a little at a time. He seems to have the concept of staying by us when we are out side. So far he has not discovered our small pond. I was in the back of the pick up truck shoveling sand out by the pond and he jumped into the back as if to help me. So cute! I took him down by the lake and we walked out on the pier and if I hadn’t had a leash on him he would have gone in swimming. If my husband leaves socks etc Jake will bring them to me like he is saying look what I found on the floor. Jake is doing 5K walking with me as I train for 5ks.

April 25th, 2015:

Jake is an amazing boy!  He has been a great companion to our resident dog. He would get along great with other dogs or would also do well as an only dog too. He loves to run and go for walks. He plays well with others and LOVES tummy rubs, or any kind of attention at all. 
He does get slightly nervous of thunderstorms but as long as he's close to a human he's all good. Jake is also great with kids of all ages and is willing to play with any kids that are around. For being a 7 year old you'd never guess it!  And he has the softest fur that I've ever felt!  A very sweet and fluffy boy!

February 11, 2015 Update:

Jake's first 2 nights in our house have gone great!  He has adjusted well to our family and is loving all of the attention that he is receiving. He doesn't seem to have a favorite family member as of yet, he's just happy to be near any of us.   He's very good about going out on leash and doing his business. And he walks very good on a lead. He has also been introduced to our resident dog Macy (our 7lbs chorkie) and they are both adjusting well. They both like to play with toys, so I assume when I introduce the toys into the routine they will have a lot of fun playing keep away and tug o war.

Jake is a very healthy boy that will be 7 in March and doesn't seem to have any health issues. His main immediate need was to have his nails trimmed and the feathers on his feet trimmed, so he is going to see our favorite groomer Amy tomorrow. Thursday he is off to see the vet for his check up, that I assume will go perfectly.

I will update again after his vet appointment.