• Jaida

  • Dog ID: 18-040

  • Adoption Date: 5/4/2019


May 4, 2019:

Jaida has found her forever home.

March 31, 2019:

We met with Dr. Bergh for Jaida's last post-op checkup. Good news! Based on the x-rays, Dr. Bergh is confident that the right knee surgery was a success and Jaida is now free to be a dog -- no activity restrictions.

We asked Dr. Bergh about Jaida's left knee. She thinks that while surgery will most likely be needed in the future, it will largely depend on how Jaida is doing. As she begins to exercise more normally, she should build muscles that will not only strengthen the knee but also her front paw positions.

The earliest Dr. Bergh would consider doing surgery would be when Jaida is over 1 year of age. However, as mentioned above, it may not be necessary for a couple of years. If and when she does have surgery on the left knee, the pins would not need to be removed due to her age, which will reduce the cost slightly. It would be prudent for Jaida's new owner to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bergh after she is a year old to review her knee health.

In terms of Jaida's more immediate future, Dr. Bergh believes she can be medically cleared and is ready for adoption! We are very excited that she is finally a (mostly) normal pup.

March 7, 2019:

Jaida saw Dr. Bergh on March 5th. She is now 46 pounds and anxious to "let loose!" Dr. Bergh is very pleased with how Jaida is healing and is seeing some muscle development in the right thigh. She does not appear to be in any pain and her previous sore spots are doing well. She is able to keep the Elizabethian collar off as long as she doesn't lick at her incision.

Jaida will be seen again in two weeks and will have a final set of X-rays. Unless something unforeseen happens, she should be released from care. Until then, Jaida is still on activity restrictions. However, as the weather permits, she can go on short walks.

Although Jaida is tolerating her convalescence with good spirits, she gets excited and wants to play - not showing any signs of pain. Furthermore, she is standing almost normally on her front paws. We are very pleased with her progress.

February 19, 2019:

On Monday, February 18, Jaida had the two pins that were holding her knee in place removed. She is now a whopping 43 pounds.

The procedure went smoothly. The knee is healing and the patella is centered in its groove as normal! I spoke with Dr. Bergh after the procedure and she is very pleased with the results.

As Jaida's knee has not yet completely healed, she is on activity restriction for the next six weeks. This means no climbing stairs, running or playing with other dogs. She has to be confined to her crate if unsupervised and cannot be allowed to roam freely. She can only be taken out for short, controlled leash walks to "take care of business."

Otherwise, she is on Rimadyl 75 mg a day for discomfort and to reduce inflammation. For the first five days, she will have cold compresses applied to the surgical area 3 to 4 times a day for 5-10 minutes. And, she is still in her Elizabethan collar. (I wonder if she thinks this is a permanent part of her wardrobe.) ☺

Her next appointment with Dr. Bergh is Tuesday, March 5.

February 1, 2019:

Jaida came home with us yesterday (January 29). Dr. Bergh said she did very well during her stay with them. We ran into VRCW staff as well who had been working with her and seconded Dr. Bergh's enthusiasm. She seemed to do pretty well last night. She is restricted from the stairs and needs to be leashed at all times to make sure she doesn't run and open the sutures. Her incision is looking good. Unfortunately, the pressure sores on her hip bones are both open again due to the continual sitting that she is doing. She is still on cephalexin (an antibiotic) to prevent bacterial growth in those areas as well as carprofen for the pain. With the snow, she cannot stay out for very long. However, she doesn't appear to be in any pain when she puts the additional weight on her knee while doing her business. Looking forward, she has a follow up with Dr. Bergh on February 12th and the pins are to be removed on February 18th. We will look to schedule therapy with VRCW after the pins are removed.

January 25, 2019:

Jaida's surgery on Tuesday, January 22, was a success! Dr. Bergh from Edinger Surgical Options performed the operation which deepened the ridge where her right knee is supposed to sit. Prior to the surgery, her knee had been sitting to the far outside of the leg causing a lot of scar tissue build up and pain. Dr. Bergh put two pins in the knee that will be taken out in 3-4 weeks.

It is anticipated that Jaida will have 8 weeks for recovery and rehabilitation. The goal will be to rebuild the muscles around her repaired knee and help her adjust to her new and improved leg!

December 6, 2018:

Jaida is a 23-week old puppy who is the definition of atypical. She is unusually inactive due to orthopedic issues. She is walking less on her ankles and more normally on her paw pads. However, she appears to be in more pain due to a lateral luxation of her patellas. To explain: her kneecaps in both legs move in and out of place when she walks. This is abnormal and uncomfortable and something that may need to be addressed surgically.

She is delayed in potty training and does not go down a flight of stairs. She will go upstairs reluctantly. She has had recurring issues with her anal glands and currently is suffering from a hot spot on her right flank. She was seen today at Four Lakes Veterinary Clinic where her hot spot was shaved and thoroughly cleaned. She is currently on an antibiotic for 21 days along with a spray to help with the pain.

November 16, 2018:

Jaida had a therapy appointment with VRCW today. Per Dr. Bergh's request, we spent the majority of our time trying to get Jaida to walk in the hydrotank. Despite our best efforts, Jaida was very fearful and unwilling to walk on the treadmill once it started moving. Dr. Day also did some full body massages and used the laser. She seems more worried about Jaida's back legs, specifically her right patella, and mentioned she will be discussing her concerns with Dr. Bergh so that we can create a long term plan for Jaida's back legs (i.e. surgery, therapy, etc.). She has her next puppy exam next week. I do not think she needs any vaccines boostered at this time, but I will check when I bring her in. Overall, I would say her therapy is going well.

November 2, 2018:

Jaida had a wellness visit with Dr. Scarlett October 25. Her anal area is healing and she will not be requiring any additional medications. She is no longer required to wear her e-collar unless we notice her licking frequently. Her ears look okay--a little dirty on the outer ear canal. Dr. Scarlett also mentioned she appears to have a slight improvement in her palmigrade stance. She seems to be walking a little bit higher and we hope to continue to see an elevated posture.

Jaida saw Dr. Bergh on October 30. She definitely sees improvement in her front paws and believes that hydrotherapy will be beneficial. We currently have two appointments set with VRCW on November 9 and 20. Dr. Bergh would like to see Jaida again in six weeks. Jaida is now 29 pounds. Dr. Bergh has asked us to cut back slightly on her food to keep her weight on the low end. Dr. Berg mentioned surgery might be considered on her back legs due to her problems in her patella. This would be after she is fully grown and her front paws are doing better.

October 6, 2018:

Things are going well. Jaida is becoming more curious and will walk around the yard a little. She has also gained the confidence to tackle going up a set of stairs. However, she will not go down more than two steps, which is how she gets outside.

Jaida is beginning to initiate some play with our dog. It generally consists of her pulling at his ears or tail and him just looking at her. 😊 Otherwise, when he starts to play with her she just collapses on her side or back in a submissive posture.

We are still working on housebreaking. She is also begun "demand barking" when she wants something like food or treats and sometimes attention! We are working on that as well.

Jaida has poor muscle condition in her limbs. Treatment is aimed at improving strength of these soft tissues and providing high quality, balanced nutrition. Exercise should be frequent and initially in short episodes, to build strength. Physical therapy is also advised to work on building strength and coordination.

September 26, 2018:

Jaida is a sweet little girl. She likes to chew toys and has found her bark! She wants to be able to see her "humans" and will follow if you leave her sight.

At about 13 weeks, she doesn't appear to be as active as other puppies her age. She will run to you when called but then quickly goes to a down position. When going outside to potty she will do her business and then lie down. Visually she appears unstable when walking or standing and seems to have less than normal muscle mass in the back legs. This could be due to a lack of movement caused by her front paws. We will discuss these observations with Dr. Bergh (Edinger Surgical Options) on September 25th.

Tonight, Jaida had her nails clipped as they appeared not to have been cut in several weeks. She did not care about her back paws but yelped when trying to cut her front paws. With a lot of treats and taking our time, we were able to accomplish the job. We will continue to work on touching her paws daily to reduce sensitivity. Other goals in the next week include socializing Jaida to different environments and people.

We have observed that she seems to have excess eye discharge and are monitoring this. Leah cleaned her ears, which were very dirty and she received a bath. She is like a new girl!

Dr. Scarlett (Four Lakes Veterinary Clinic) has kindly agreed to fit Jaida into her schedule on September 25th. We will discuss all the issues mentioned above with her. It is our understanding that Jaida has not received any vaccinations, heartworm, or fecal tests. We also want to have her scabs/sores examined, which are located around her anus, at the belly, and elbows of both front and back paws. We will seek to accomplish these things as well as discuss heartworm and flea/tick medication options on the 25th.

I spoke with Dr. Scarlett today who advised that we immediately start Jaida on a different dog food -- specifically formulated for puppies. We put her on Blue Buffalo and she has responded well thus far.

Her first night was uneventful and after a busy day, we are confident that Jaida will sleep well tonight. Unless otherwise needed, we will provide another update after her appointments on September 25th.

September 21, 2018:
Jaida is new in foster care. More information will be coming.