• Jackson
  • Dog ID: 17-023
  • Adopted Date:  10/02/2017
  • Gender: Male/Neutered


October 8, 2017:

Jackson had a little rough time settling in at first. He had some separation problems for the first few days where he would bark after I left. After 2 days of barking, he realized that I would be coming back and his anxiety diminished greatly. It was such a relief when he calmed down and started to settling in. He quickly became accustomed to his schedule and my routine. He is now doing great. After I leave, he eats his peanut butter that I put in the Kong and goes to play on my bed. I know this because when I get home, the pillows that were on my bed are now on the ground. He doesn't have any issues when I leave so I do not worry about him having free range of the house. At first, he found where the treats were and had a great midday snack while I was gone. I am now much more careful after where his treats and other food are kept. Other than that, he is doing great. He loves to play with his favorite blue plush toy and he loves when I throw the ball around so that he can chase it. I think he is going to wonderful companion and I am thankful that I can be his forever home. Thank you GRROW! 

October 2, 2017:

Jackson is enjoying his new home and adjusting very well. It took a while to find that special forever home but it was worth the wait.

August 1, 2017:

Jackson has been with his foster parents for about one month. His personality is really starting to come through now. When it’s time to play he will let us know. He brings a stuffed toy and drops it right at our feet. If we don’t respond fast enough he will start throwing it himself and makes a game out of “teasing” us with it. It is almost like him saying “I gave you a chance now you chase it”. Very funny pup he is. He must sleep with us in the same room. He does not like to be away from his people at night. Jackson walks good on a leash but gets a little excited when he sees another dog or other small animals. We have been working with him on this and he is getting the hang of it. He is also working on his manners when he eats. He will sit and wait for us to say OK before he goes to his food bowl. He catches on quick as it only took 3 or 4 repetitions for him to learn this. He is also learning “stay” and does really well with this command. Even if something catches his attention he will initially ignore it but has to be reminded to stay.

July 11, 2017:

Jackson (Jax) is an 8-year-old male Golden Retriever mix who came into GRRoW from the Columbia County Humane Society. Before going to his foster home, Jackson had his assessment, which he passed without issues. I like to think of him as an A student. Jackson is active for an older gentleman and absolutely loves fetch with his tennis balls. He also enjoys going for walks. It is Jackson’s best interest to always be on a leash or fenced yard as he does have an interest in rabbits and squirrels. He knows a good number of commands such as sit, lay down, come and stay. He will even come if you “hand gesture” come…extremely intelligent pup.
Jackson settled into his foster home rather quickly. He had no issues sleeping the 1st night, however he is subtle about letting us know when he must go outside. He is a very sweet pup with an entertaining personality. He absolutely loves people (kids too!) but he’s not real sure about other dogs or cats yet. He loves attention and will let you know when he needs a little bit of affection. Jackson had a good vet visit and will be ready for adoption shortly.

June 27, 2017:

Jackson is an 8 year old golden/lab mix who has all those golden markings but much shorter hair and smaller stature. He does well in a quieter household with older children that do not disturb his slumber. He came into GRRoW from a shelter and can only be adopted by a family if children are over 10 years old. He loves to follow commands and enjoys attention. He is inquisitive and likes to know what is going on in his world. A vet visit is in the works.