• Jackson
  • Dog ID: 17-002
  • Gender: Male


June 13, 2017:

Jackson has found his forever home! He is settling in nicely. Congratulations Jackson!

March 28th, 2017:

Jackson continues to be adjusting well in our environment. He has a good sense of communication and responds well with talking to him and lots of pats on his head. He does get enthusiastic with other dogs and people. All has been appropriate. Pulling on his leash when wanting to greet other dogs or needing to find the right spot to do his business needs to be worked on.

Feb 25th, 2017:

Jackson has had a very busy week. He went to the vet for his exam and tests (heartworm, lymes, fecal, thyroid, senior blood panel) and I'm pleased to report that he's a healthy boy. He did have a canine tooth broken off near the gum which was extracted. He's still recovering, hoping I will cave in and give him more canned food instead of the moistened kibble.

Jackson weighed in at 98.4 lbs--he's a tall, big guy, but should lose 15 - 20. He loves his daily walks and we are doing about a mile. He's overweight and not in the best shape,so we are working on a little at a time.

This is a sweet dog who just wants to be with his human. He's getting attached to me and when I leave he barks and cries for 5 - 10 min then waits quietly for me to return. I let him have run of the house (he knocks down gates) and he has been an angel--he's not destroyed a single thing. Someone looking for a senior will be very happy to add Jackson to the household. . . we will begin looking for his forever home soon.

Feb 20th, 2017:

Jackson has been with me for 4 days now and is a pleasure to have here; my home is very quiet, so it's a good place for him to de-stress a bit as he settles in. He is a very, very nice boy. Loves attention and his daily walks--he pulls at first, but once we settle into is, he is great on a leash. The Gentle Leader Harness works great with him. He gets VERY excited when someone comes home and he's quite mouthy (takes my arm or hand in his mouth). It's a pretty standard Golden "mouthy" behavior, and I see it lessen every day. I think its a stress thing.

We are set to go to the vet on Monday. He needs shots and I can see his ears bother him. He's a senior, so he will get a full blood panel/CBC. Plus the usual things: general exam, fecal, shots, HW and lymes tests, microchip, Jackson is quite chunky and I will be happy to get a weight on him. I'm guessing he's got to lose at least 15 #s.

Jackson will be 9 in March, but he's got a lot of energy. Ready to go when we are outside, but settles nicely in the house. He's a very sweet boy and will make a family who wants to adopt a senior very happy. I will work on introducing him to more humans, kids, other dogs and my roomate's cat. Stay tuned for updates on this love bug.