• Jack
  • Dog ID: 17-017
  • Adoption Date:  8/5/2017
  • Gender: Male/Neutered


August 28, 2017:

Jack tooka bit longer to become attached to us than Banjo did. However, he has now pretty much made the leap to accepting and loving us and shows it by following me so closely that when I stop, he runs into me. He also lays at our feet, touching us if he can, when we're sitting. Plus, he has become more and more demanding about getting his share of attention and he particularly like to have you rub the top of his head and massage his ears. Of course, we love doing that and we go so far as to rub under his chin and his chest.

Both Jack and Banjo, a bonded pair, are great companions. They do goofy things, sometimes individually and sometimes together, that make us laugh. They make our days brighter and we can't imagine our lives without them.

We are grateful for being given the opportunity to be their forever home. Thank you, GRRoW!.

August 17, 2017:

Great news! Jack and his "brother" Banjo have found their forever home together. They are happy, healthy and doing great! Soon you will be able to find updates and pictures posted in our Happy Dog section. Thanks to everyone for helping these two handsome boys!

July 11, 2017:

Jack and Banjo are a bonded-pair and Jack is much more dependent on Banjo than the other way around. Jack did well while Banjo spent the day at the vet for a little surgery. He stuck close to me and but only did a couple of minutes of nervous squeaking right after Banjo left (my husband took Banjo to and from the vets while I stayed with Jack). He patiently waited for Banjo to return, overall he did very well without Banjo there. Our 9-month old grandson visited us last weekend and Banjo and Jack were wonderful with him. We didn't let our grandson bother the the dogs, and they never bothered any of his toys. Our son and daughter-in-law couldn't believe how well-mannered and patient they were--nor could we!
Banjo and Jack have adjusted to our daily routines and schedules already. They follow us around and lay down close to us no matter which room that we are in. They appear happy here and are very loving. We think that they are as cute as can be and love them right back. They are very special dogs! It will be time soon to look for their forever home who will be blessed indeed to get them.

June 22, 2017:

Jack is a sweetheart and has formed an attachment to us. We have him trailing us around the house a good part of the time. Banjo just lays there and watches him. Both Jack and Banjo are very smart and have been quickly picking up any training that we have needed to do. It is obvious that they have had some obedience training and even seem to know a couple of the hand-signals for the more common commands. They are learning quickly and are a joy to work with. Jack doesn't pull on the leash and walks close on the left-side of us. However, he does like to keep Banjo in sight (part of being a bonded-pair). We have been returning with Jack to the house first and the person walking Banjo continues walking for awhile. This gives Jack a chance to be alone in the house without Banjo. Since it makes Jack nervous to not have Banjo close by at all times, it is important that we help Jack be okay with being by himself in case they have to be separated for a time (for example, one of them may need to be at the vet's without the other one). Things are going well in this regard. Each day, Jack is becoming less nervous with having to wait for Banjo to come through the front door. We're happy with his progress in this regard.

June 15, 2017:

Jack, who is the younger one, is very smart and figures out how we do things here within one or two reiterations. For example, he learned not to jump up on me within 2 or 3 corrections. Jack is alpha to Banjo and yet is very dependent on Banjo. Jack is more cautious of the two, he prefers to let Banjo lead and will wait for his older "brother" to try something before he will. We will be working on doing separate activities with Jack so that we can help him to not only develop his self-confidence in being by himself, but also in not having to rely on Banjo's modeling something like taking a treat before Jake will take one. Jack went for his vet visit on Friday and he is a healthy boy. He is a sweet and loving companion. Although bonded to Banjo, he wants his share of people-attention, too. Also, he has a terrific nose and a soft mouth. He spends all of his time in the yard watching birds and tracking animals which leads us to believe that he would have been good at hunting if he had been trained. One of the really great things about these two dogs is that they sleep all night long and wait until you get up in the morning before they start moving. Even if you get up in the middle of the night, they won't stir unless you turn on a light or make some unusual noise. This gives us a chance to get a good night's sleep and what a gift that is!

June 8th, 2017:

Jack came to us on June 4 with his "brother" Banjo, and they are quite the bonded pair! He is settling in nicely and in no time he and Banjo found the water bowls, soft dog beds and toys to play with. He enjoyed exploring the house his first day with us and slept great his very first night! After a few days of settling in he will visit the vet to make sure all is well. Jack is used to daily walks which is what keeps him nice a trim, and he loves exploring the back yard and this boy is pretty quick too! He caught a bird and then promptly released it when I told him to. He must have a gentle mouth because the bird just flew off. We look forward to learning more about Jack and his "brother" as they continue to settle in and learn from us!