• Irie
  • Dog ID: 18-013
  • Adoption Date:  6/24/2018


July 3, 2018:

Things are going really well! We love Irie and she’s fitting in perfectly with our family. She and Bandit love playing chase in our yard and at the dog park, especially when she has her trusty tennis ball! Bandit is really opening up and definitely is benefiting from having a confident dog to help him be more sure of himself. They come to work with me at least once a week and love getting all sorts of attention from the other doctors and technicians. She can fetch the tennis ball for days! We also got her a pool so she can enjoy some water time on the warmer summer days. We are so happy with her addition to our family.  Thank you so much for your help in the adoption process.

May 31st, 2018:

Irie is doing very well. She is obsessed with playing fetch and will do it until she drops. She loves the kiddie swimming pool and will lay in it to cool off. She loves to go on car rides and sticks her nose out the window. There isn't a bad thing about her other than she has a lot to say. It has gotten much better since when we first brought her home. She also takes up a good portion of the bed since she is a big girl. She loves to snuggle and takes treats from us very gently.

May 3, 2018:

Irie is doing wonderfully. She got a clean bill of health and is 88 lbs. She does need to lose a couple of pounds and with all the ball playing it will be easy to do. She loves (obsessed) with her tennis balls. She will not give it up so I always have an extra to play fetch with. She does take Zilla's ball from him. They do play together once and awhile but for the most part they don't do much interacting. She does get very excited when I come home and jumps around whining and barking. She barks a lot and it is tough driving since she is apparently a back seat driver. Does well with other dogs and the cat. I walk her on a harness because she is a puller. The harness works great.

April 15, 2018:

Irie is a very energetic 7 yr old who needs to shed some pounds. Her weight does not slow her down one bit. She is adamant about sleeping in our bed and will go on other furniture. She does not appear to have any health issues at all except for being overweight. She will counter surf and get into garbage if given a chance. She does well with my dogs and ignores the cat. She is also good with kids. She is bonded with Zilla 18-014 and they will have to stay together. They love to play with each other. She definitely is the naughtier one. She loves toys and leaves them all over the floor in the living room.