• Adopted date: February 10, 2015
  • Dog ID: 15-002


February 21, 2015 Update:

Hunter has had a busy week.  In spite of the chilly temperatures, we've spent time outside every day.  He loves playing on the frozen lake.  He's quick and coordinated,  and enjoys fetching sticks.  He loves the camp on the other side of the lake; he sniffs his way through, running in and out of the woods the whole way.  He's seen squirrels, deer, and a fox this week. He met our daughter's three year-old Weimaraner/Chocolate Lab mix.  They ran around on the lake together, and played inside as well.  They are working on toy-sharing.  We've walked through the neighborhood on a leash, and I'm pleased to report that Hunter does very well.  Hunter is a big lover, and enjoys cuddling with us :-)  He's very smart, and responds to commands well.  He's also a good communicator, expressing his thoughts, feelings, and needs with a few barks. Initially, he was hesitant to come in the house after being outside, but he seems to realize now that it's okay.  He is a big, sweet, bundle of love, who fills our hearts with joy!   We love Hunter, and are happy to be his parents.