• Darcy (formerly Hope)

  • Dog ID: 18-044

  • Adoption Date: 3/15/2019


April 5, 2019:

After being on the GRRoW wait-list for 8 months we recently had the good fortune to be able to adopt Hope (now named Darcy). Our family of 7 (my husband, myself, and five rescue animals: one Great Pyrenees, two barn cats and two horses) all feel like we won the lottery! Darcy is the sweetest pup! She loves to cuddle (literally lays right on top of us), go for walks and she is teaching our Great Pyrenees how to play (she is really good at playing). She brings so much joy to our world and we are so grateful to GRRoW—through their process they found us the perfect dog.

March 17, 2019:

Hope has been adopted. More information to follow.

January 1, 2019:

Hope has had surgery to correct her abnormal plumbing and she is leak-free! She no longer dribbles urine and doesn't need a diaper. She still has to go out quite often and still has the hooded vulva which puts her at greater risk for developing urinary tract infections. In fact, we're dealing with a UTI right now, but the good news is the infection hasn't caused any dribbling. Hopefully allowing her to go through one heat cycle will fix the hooded vulva but only time will tell.

On a personal note, Hope is loving life with her foster brothers, both human and Golden, and she loves playing with toys and chewing on bones. We've discovered that she adores little children and other dogs, but can be a little shy with new humans when she first meets them. Nothing dramatic, but she will sometimes give a tiny growl to let them know she's nervous, but as soon as they start petting her she melts and snuggles with them like a typical golden. She would like her feline foster brother to play with her but he rarely obliges. She takes the hint and backs off. She absolutely loves being outside sniffing around and sometimes digging (which we're trying to stop).

Hope will likely do best in a home with either a fenced yard or with a family who will take her outside for long periods or to dog parks regularly. She should have either a canine companion to play with in her new home or go to a home that can commit to getting her plenty of doggie play time. She would be fine in a home with children or even retired folks as she is not overly high-energy for a puppy. If you want to just veg-out on the couch and watch Netflix, she'll pass out with you. However she will need a family who is still able to get her very regular exercise because she is a puppy and does get a little cabin fever if she doesn't get any.

November 20, 2018:

Hope continues to do well in her foster home with one exception. We can't seem to figure out how to prevent her from getting her diapers off in her crate while we're gone. She leaves them on well when we're home but if she's ever by herself they come right off! Bitter apple doesn't work and we do douse them in the stuff. She is a snuggler and loves to play with anyone. She comes and sits when asked and responds immediately if you say no.

She has had her diagnostics and we discovered that she definitely has an ectopic ureter but it is only on one side. That same side also connected to a small, malformed kidney. She will have corrective surgery the week after Thanksgiving and hopefully that will fix her problems.

October 27, 2018:

Hope settled into her new foster home beautifully. It was like she had always been there and knew everyone. She plays wonderfully with the resident senior golden and is very good at reading and responding appropriately to his body language. When he doesn't want to play, she doesn't push it. She is a sweet, loving girl and very calm for a puppy. She loves everyone, even the cat. Despite never being around cats before, she had no interest in chasing or harming him. She just wondered what he was.

It is likely that Hope has a congenital malformation of her urinary tract that will require diagnosis and probable reconstructive surgery. She dribbles urine pretty constantly and has to wear a diaper at all times (seen here sporting her Halloween-themed candy corn diaper). Hopefully with proper diagnosis and surgery she will be able to live a long, relatively normal life.

If you cannot adopt, please consider donating to GRROW to help with this sweet baby's long medical course that lies ahead.