• Heidi
  • Dog ID: 16-042
  • Gender: Female


October 10, 2016:

Heidi went to her new home about a week ago and is settling into her new surroundings. Her new human is retired and spends lots of time with Heidi, giving her all the love she deserves!

August 24th, 2016:

Heidi has come a long, long way in the past 2.5 weeks. She is the sweetest, most gentle old gal I have ever met. Very, very gentle. . . she would be wonderful with very young kids or elderly. Her previous owner taught her to lie down when people approach, so no jumping. What Heidi wants and needs more than anything is lots of love and attention. She is shy and spends time in her kennel or a den like area where she feels safe; she would love someone to spend some time sitting near her so she can come to them and get petted. She loves to paw me to keep on petting her endlessly and she just loves to be brushed. Heidi has been to the vet. She tested positive for Lymes disease and has started her 3 week course of antibiotics to treat it. She also had some significant dental work done last week to extract some badly broken teeth and to get a good cleaning. She is recovering like a real trooper and other than moistening her food to soften it, she’s back to normal. She will go in for her spay next week. We’ve decided that Heidi and Champ do not need to be placed together. What they both need is a lot of human attention. Heidi’s new humans will get a lot of Golden loving in return!

August 7th, 2016:

Heidi and Champ are a bonded pair who were surrendered to GRoW on Friday 8/5/16. They are both settling into their foster home nicely. Heidi was living in an outdoor kennel and was pretty dirty and in need of a good brushing. We started working on her last night and this morning she went in for a bath. I cannot believe it's the same dog! Heidi is beautiful and amazingly sweet. So tolerant and accepting of all the brushing, cutting, and scrubbing. I think she even enjoyed it! Stay tuned for updates on this sweet old girl in the coming days.